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Blonde Colour Ideas

Looking for a colour refresh in a lighter colour range?

If your natural base colour be between level 6 light brown, through to the lightest natural blonde, there are many lighter colour options for you to explore.

Think beyond single colour options. A blend of two colours can add or a touch of depth or lightness, helping you achieve a colour between two colour levels.

Blending two colours will also give you half strength tones from each colour. Adding half-strength cool or warm tones may be all you need to update your look and love it!

Blending With A Neutral

A blend of a neutral with a cool or warm colour will give you half-strength tones of each colour, and just a hint of cool or warm tones may be all you need to boost and transform your colour.

Neutral tones also appear to have more depth than colours with cool tones in particular. Neutral colours have an even blend of cool and warm tones, which absorb light more than cool based colours. Neutrals have a very natural-looking finish.

Blending a cool colour with a neutral of the same level or an adjacent colour level will give you a natural multi-dimensional finish. The cool tones will mute some warmth, and the neutral tones will fill the colour. This is a great option if you do need some cool tones in your colour to counter-balance warmth revealed during lightening, but you want to avoid a predominantly cool-toned finish.

Blending two adjacent colour levels will give you a colour result between the two colour levels.

Adding A Touch Of Warmth

If you are considering gold tones, consider a blend of a neutral colour with a colour with gold tones.

Blending warmer golden tones with a neutral will give you half-strength golden tones. This can be a great approach to add a hint of gold. Excessive warm tones can appear a bit orange or brassy, so by adding half-strength warm tones you can a hint of gold, while reducing the risk of seeing any brassy tones.

Blend either Sicily 8 Medium Blonde or Amalfi 9 Light Blonde with Torino 8.3 Medium Golden Blonde for a gorgeous colour result which has a touch of depth and a hint of gold tones, and a very natural looking finish.

A deeper dark blonde with golden secondary tones radiates a rich and warm glow. Imola 7.3 Dark Golden Blonde has a dark blonde base colour level, and the warmer tones absorb a bit of light, leaving a natural looking bronde base level. It’s golden tones will look lighter and brighter in natural light.


Adding a hint of blonde with highlights will soften your overall colour and silhouette.

Highlights use a seperate lifting process to lighten fine strands for a seamlessly blended lighter result throughout your hair. Highlights can also have a beautiful impact if they are just added around the frontline and face, drawing light to your face and softening your overall look.

Our Highlights Kit include everything you need to create highlights. Your highlights kit is customised to meet your colour goals. Finish your highlights with a toner for a classic lighter finish without any warmth, or add rich, warm tones for a brighter, vibrant warm finish. Highlights can be up to 6 levels lighter than your natural colour.

Create softer light brown or dark blonde highlights on a darker brown/black base, or light blonde highlights on a medium or dark blonde base.

Warm Highlights

If you prefer to see warm golden tones, consider adding gold highlights.

The seperate lightening process lifts colours pigments, and you can process your highlights until they are brass-free. You can then deposit golden tones with a semi-permanent colour which will deposit tone only.

This approach is a great way to maintain your overall colour with a cool-based permanent colour, ensuring grey and regrowth coverage, while adding a touch of gold to highlights. A hint of warm gold can add a beautiful soft glow to your overall colour finish, while keeping your finish completely brass-free.

Consider Torino 8.3 Golden Blonde or Lucca 7.53 Chocolate Blonde highlights to add a hint of richer, warmer tones throughout a base colour which is balanced with a cool colour.

Classic Cool Tones

There are very good reasons why most blonde colour requests are for cool-based colours.

Cool tones are hard-working brass-busters. They counter-balance warmth, eliminating orange or brassy tones while lifting regrowth and covering greys. Using a cool-based colour when you lighten can eliminate the need for separate toners or other products which assist to reduce warmth. Touching-up your roots with a cool based colour will mute warmth, leaving a tonally balanced, beautiful finish.

Warmth is always revealed when you lighten your colour. Brassy and red coloured pigments are the largest sized colour molecules and they are the last pigments to be lifted out during lightening. This is why brassy coloured pigments are often visible when you lighten your colour.

Colours with ash or beige tones are cool-toned.

Ash has a more smokey, classically cool finish, while beige colours have a creamy finish. Both will tone and reduce warmth.

Permanent colour applications use either a 20 or 27 vol developer.

A 20 vol developer will lift up to two colour levels and provide grey coverage. A 27 vol developer will lift closer to three colour levels and cover colour-resistant greys.


You can blend any of our cool-based colours with our 5 vol toner to add cool tones to mute and counter-balance warmth. A colour mixed with a 5 vol toner will deposit tone and shine only, leaving a beautiful balanced and shiny finish.

Select a cool-based colour which has the base level the same as the lightest colour in your hair. For example, if you have dark black/brown hair with light brown balayage, Montecristo 6.1 Light Ash Brown or Bellaria 7.1 Dark Ash Blonde will reduce brassiness and boost and balance the tone and shine.

If you have a dark or medium blonde base with very light highlights, you could consider either Veneto 901 Lightest Ash Blonde or Catania 902 Lightest Beige Blonde to brighten, boost and balance your highlights and to leave a shiny finish.

If you want to reduce unwanted warmth in your colour, our Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner are gentle enough to be used daily and have purple pigments which will mute unwanted warmth while leave your hair strong, soft and shiny.

I absolutely love it! No harsh chemical smells or feel to my scalp, and the colour is beautiful. Highly recommend – I used Beige Blonde.

L. Wason

Love the medium blonde. Makes my hair lovely and soft. Completely covers my grey hair.

D. Bryant

Love this product! The colour – Sorrento Light Ash blonde is natural looking and covers my greys and no harmful chemicals!

W. Grogan

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