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“I was super impressed by the coverage and shine, you can tell the dye is all quality.

For me this service is the perfect solution – less time, less money.”

Eliza Cracknell

Editor –


“I actually REALLY like the product. It is excellent.”

Renae Manos, founder –

“My colour is SO LUSH! Very impressed!”

Kelsey Ferencak, Beauty editor –

“Obsessed with my hair colour!”

Eliza Cracknell, Editor –

“So happy with my colour. Easy experience, beautiful result. No brassiness in this blonde – yay!!”

S.U. Fairfield, VIC

“So impressed with this product and amazed I had enough of everything for my (waist length) hair. I am absolutely thrilled. The depth in the colour is great. I am sold on your brand.”

Juanita H.

My hair feels soft, looks shiny and I LOVE the colour. The accessories make it easier to apply the colour just where you want it, especially for root touch-ups and keep my bathroom clean. Sometimes colouring can make my head itch, but I’m itch-free and loving my beautiful colour. I’m a big fan! Thank you!!”

M.M, Malvern VIC

I am officially in love with this product!  Simple and so easy to use, it doesn’t smell at all chemical-y, goes on easily and did not make my head burn or itch. The package you get is so generous with all the bits you can reuse.  And the end result? AMAZING!!  The colour is absolutely spot on, exactly what I wanted. It has depth and highlights instead of one flat colour. The shampoo and conditioner is fabulous also, left my hair manageable without being too soft and my hair was significantly less frizzy than it normally is after a supermarket box colour. Will definitely be using this product again!


The colour really helped with restoring shine to my hair. Thank you so much!

Madhur A. VIC

Great Product!

Christina C

Really really happy with the colour and quality

IG @meggysich

Healthier hair

My hair looks and feels so much healthier. You can get a subscription for extra long hair for an additional $10.00 which costs less than my normal hair dye packets in the shops.

The kit comes in two sections. You get that beautiful little square box with all the products in and a little bag with all the utensils.

The kit contains the following items:
– Permanent colour (I had dark brown / Black)
– Developer
– Barrier oil
– Colour Protection Shampoo
– Colour Protection Conditioner
– Hair Colour Remover (great wipes to get off stuck on colour around the ears)
– Gloves

The bag contains everything you need for an at home colour without the mess:

– Tint brush
– Tint bowl
– Colour proof cape
– Colour proof bench mat
– 4 x sectioning clips

These are all in black and look very sleek and stylish.

It felt like I was working in a salon when preparing the products.

Firstly I got ready by setting up my area. Putting down the mat and putting the cape on (I’d recommend mixing the colour before putting the cape on).

I then mixed the developer and colour into the bowl with the tiny brush. It had a slight smell but nothing like other hair products I’ve used that tend to have that over powering ammonia smell. It was a nice thick cream so easy to apply.

I sectioned my hair into four segments using the clips.

I then applied the barrier oil around my ears and forehead to prevent colour staining on my skin. I found the little sachet easy to use and the oil had a pleasant scent.

Then I started working on my hair each section at a time. I first started on the roots and pasted the colour in and then moved to coating the hair. With the tint brush I found this really easy to use. Much more than when I use a squirt bottle to apply and using gloves to apply.

After letting the colour develop I then used the wipes to get the hair colour off where I had gotten some on my neck and ears.

The colour matched very well to my natural colour and covered my greys.

I really liked the shampoo and conditioner. Left my hair feeling soft. I jumped in the shower so it was very easy to wash out.

My hair looked and felt fantastic. It felt healthy and shiny.

What I like about the shade is that they are a Melbourne based company (their colours are from Italy though), which means they’d have to adhere to Australian strict standards for quality and products. Ammonia free is such a bonus as it’s a smell I cannot stand.

Any Tips?: Prepare everything before putting the cape and gloves on. Have a pair of scissors handy for opening the products with gloves if you’re unco like me

Ideal For…:  Anyone wanting to colour their hair without the potent smell

Ariana82:  Beauty Heaven reviewer

Complete Grey Coverage – Your Hair Salon In A Bag!

Loved having the chance to trial this product. Thank you BH. I selected my hair colour by going to,au and I had an online colour consultation where I could select from 27 colours. Apart from the hair colour kit in a lovely box you also get a hair salon in a bag. Everything you could possibly need to colour your hair like a professional at home.

I colour my hair (the re growths) once every 6 weeks at home. I loved the resusable cape which i’ll be using again. The hair clips, were too big for my fine hair, It’s a bit fiddly as there are more steps then your usual quick mix hair colour at home. Though the salon results were great and worth the effort. Ammonia and PPD Free. Contains Argan oil, Aloe vera and ginseng. I expected a strong smell but there wasn’t. It was quite pleasant and inviting. Very relaxing aroma.

The results were a high lovely shine, soft silky hair and the coverage was absolutely impressive. I left it on for the extra 10mins for stubborn greys.

It exceeded my expectations. I definatley be using it again. The colour came out darker than expected though i’m sure after a few washes it will blend and look a little lighter like some home colours do that i’m used to.

It was a delight to use, no strong smell, i actually dyed my hair in my lounge room. End results also gave my hair a thicker look as I have fine hair. Looked healthier and I couldn’t stop touching my silky feel and look hair. It was an absolute pleasure in trialing this product.

Every woman who dyes their hair whether at the salon or at home should try this. You’ll never look back. I was highly impressed. 10/10!

Any Tips?: Great for sensitive scalps. Make sure if any colour goes onto your skin that you wipe it straight off with the colour remover sachet provided before your skin gets discoloured

Ideal For…: salon results in the privacy of your own home. For any woman who dye their hair

careglio – Beauty Heaven reviewer

Beauty Heaven

A luxe hair colouring kit

This is a great little hair colouring kit, definitely a cut above the standard supermarket offerings. I was selected as part of the trial team, and chose the second darkest shade, Natural black brown. When the kit arrived, I was impressed with the accessories that were sent along with the colouring kit – A bowl and application brush, hair sectioning clips, front fastening shoulder cape and plastic mat to catch spills were included, all packaged in a nifty little drawstring bag. The kit itself arrived in a neat black cardboard box, which has quite a luxury look to it. The product itself was very simple to use, your standard ‘mix developer and colourant together and apply’ scenario. I experienced no irritation from this colourant and the colour itself is beautiful, a true neutral black/brown, without a hint of orange/red undertone to it. I’ve marked it down by one star from a perfect review for two reasons – I struggled to do my entire head of hair with one kit (I do however, have long hair) and it has taken a couple of washes for the excess dye to be completely gone, without runoff.

Otherwise, an excellent product!

Any Tips?: If you have long hair, you’re probably going to want two kits 🙂

Ideal For…: People who love getting their colour on, but like to do it themselves!

MandyOz – Beauty Heaven Reviewer

Beauty Heaven 

Salon feel but at home. Excellent for my stubborn greys.

In my package was a slim cardboard box and a vinyl type plastic drawstring bag. In the bag was the mixing bowl, tinting brush, 4 hair clips, cape and drip mat.

The box contained the colour, developer, shampoo, conditioner, gloves, barrier oil and colour remover wipe. The cape has a velcro close and is a thoughtful inclusion, giving the whole thing a salon vibe.

This smells a lot nicer than any supermarket/chemist brand I have used.

There was no irritation to my scalp during application or whilst waiting for it to finish developing.

I have since washed my hair twice. On the first shampoo, I could see that the water was slightly darker, which I’m told can happen, but on the second shampoo it was fine.

I love the end result. I can’t see any greys and it has camouflaged my ugly green strands. The darker colour has even made my face look thinner. My sister asked me if I had lost weight. (Not likely, as I stuff another chocolate in my mouth). If it hadn’t been for this trial I would never have tried to go a darker colour and so I thank Beautyheaven and The Shade for bringing me to the dark side.

Any Tips?: If you have long hair you will need “The Shade Extra Colour Plan”.

Ideal For…: Stubborn greys.

Okatko – Beauty Heaven Reviewer

Beauty Heaven

Great Coverage – deep, rich colour

There’s a lot to like about this product. It’s quite obvious that they’ve really thought about the issues with home hair dyes and have tried to make it a better experience. And overall they achieved just that.

The online colour matching system is super easy to use. It took me through a few key questions and popped out some recommendations to suit. My natural hair colour is a mousy, mid-brown, with a sprinkle of greys, that I tend to darken to a chocolate brown, so I went with “Deep, Golden Brown”. The colour itself provided full coverage, covered the greys and was richly toned.

The accessory kit had all the bits you need for home colouring.

In contrast, they get extra points for their cape. OMG. I loved it! It’s a durable material, covered my shoulders without tying up my arms and was comfortable around my neck. It is definitely worth getting the accessories kit just for the cape.

The dye itself had a lovely floral fragrance, and without the usual ammonia and whatnot, it was gentle on the nose and eyes. I only needed a small amount of the shampoo, but the conditioner seemed a little light on for my liking, so I was happy to have plenty of it.

Do you need to try this product over what’s available at the chemist/supermarket? Absolutely. I really love the coverage and depth of the colour,  and I certainly wouldn’t mind trying a few other colours myself.

Any Tips?: Even if you have accessories (clips and mixing bowl), I would recommend getting their kit just for the cape – it really is that good.

Ideal For…: Anyone who dyes their hair at home and likes a full, rich coverage.

Zanna B – Beauty Heaven Reviewer

Beauty Heaven

Great Kit

Thankyou Beauty Heaven for letting me trial The Shade Colour Kit.
WOW, the packaging of the kit was really, really nice.
I loved how it had its own bowl and mat to stop any spills, a cape, brush, clips and a handy bag to keep it all in. In the kit there was your stock standard colour, developer, conditioner and gloves. The new things this kit also has was shampoo, barrier oil and colour removing wipes.
The instructions were clear, and I did start to follow them to the letter.
As I had always used my hand and a comb to colour my own hair, I did find it a little bit difficult with the brush. So I did call my daughter in and we had my hair covered quite easily and in a good time.I did colour my whole head, I have about 5% greys.
I loved that there was no strong smell, no real smell at all.After washing and drying my hair, my hair did feel softer and looked very nice.
The colour was a bit darker, but a change is as good as a holiday.

Any Tips?: Easier with 2 people

Ideal For…: All who want a colour change or touch up.

DijanaAnna – Beauty Heaven Reviewer

Beauty Heaven

THE SHADE COLOUR KIT | Glossy colour and healthy-looking hair | Complete grey coverage

Thank you very much to BH and The Shade for the opportunity to participate in this trial!

The Shade colour kit comes with:
a tube of cream colour
a packet of developer
a packet of shampoo (20 mL)
a packet of conditioner (40 mL) – can be used multiple times
a packet of barrier oil
a colour removing wipe

The (reusable) salon set includes:
a mixing bowl
a tint brush
4 sectioning clips
a bench mat to prevent staining
a cape
a storage bag

Salon kit

The salon kit is of very good quality – it’s very different from the $10 hair colouring accessories kit you can get from priceline. The bowl, the brush and the clips are very sturdy. The inclusion of a cape is a fantastic idea and it can be re-used for other purposes too.


The application was fuss-free and easy. The colour mixture has a very good creamy consistency and there was no dripping and no mess. The tint brush supplied in the kit is very useful in ensuring an even application. Also notable was the lack of unpleasant smell of this product which made it a pleasure to use.

I let the colour develop for 35 minutes, as stated in the instruction card.

The barrier oil is very effective. After I finished applying the hair colour, any unwanted colour on my skin could be wiped off with just a tissue. I did not have to use the colour remover wipe at all because there was no staining on my skin otherwise.

I was surprised how much I liked this colour. Partially because it looks very healthy and glossy. Also I think that because the colour is quite rich, my gray hair is completely covered.

The colour did not bleed and I still have a vibrant, glossy finish. The shampoo and conditioner is keeping my hair in a smooth and manageable condition.


For the standard pricing of $24.95 I would highly recommend The Shade colour kit. Both the user experience and the results are far better than many other home colouring packets of similar pricing. Because I will need to buy extra product each time I want to do an all-over colour, I would be using the standard kit for roots touch up every 4-6 weeks, while going for the bigger kit every few months to refresh the colour.

Any Tips?:

– You may need to experiment with the colour as the online colour match tool is not accurate.
– You may need to order the “extra” kit for hair past shoulder length.

Ideal For…: Salon hair colour results at a home colour price!

skincare junkie – Beauty Heaven Reviewer

Beauty Heaven

fun and easy to apply hair colour

I was excited to be chosen by Beauty Heaven to trial The Shade hair colour and thoroughly enjoyed this trial. The shade I received was no.3 Darkest Brown.
The hair colour comes boxed in a prestigious looking case, containing the colour, developer, gloves, barrier oil, colour remove wipes and colour protection shampoo and conditioner and information/ instructions card. The pack also comes with a mixing bowl, application tint brush, 4 large section clips, a benchtop matt, and a cape, all packaged in a nifty little drawstring case, so everything you need to get colouring with your hair.
Since the hair colour is ammonia and PPD free, I was pleasantly surprised that when mixing the colour and developer together, the resulting product did not have any nasty pungent chemical smell that would sting your eyes when trying to apply the colour, like a lot of other at home hair colours, making it hard to see what you are colouring and overpowering your nasal cavities. Instead, The Shade mixture was quite pleasant.

I put on my colouring cape (feeling a bit like a superhero for wearing a cape), sectioned my hair with the enclosed clips to get more conveniently to the regrowth, applied the enclosed barrier oil to protect my hair line, around my forehead, face, ears and neck from being stained and proceeded to apply the mixture.
The mixture was pleasantly a nice thick gel like consistency that was easy to apply and stayed where I applied it and did not drip anywhere making it fun to apply and not have to worry about it dripping all over the floor, walls and my clothing.
I have stubborn greys and so only covered the grey regrowth and applied the colouring mixture to this regrowth for 10 minutes on the roots of my stubborn greys and then applied the rest to the full length of my hair for 25 minutes.
I rinsed it out until the water ran clear, applied the Colour Protection Shampoo, followed by the Colour Protection Conditioner (for 2 minutes into wet hair) and thoroughly washed them out. I noticed some colour stains on my face, very close to my hairline, so I used the Colour Remover Wipe, which successfully got rid of the stains.
The Shade, successfully covered all my stubborn grey hairs and has left my hair looking shiny and healthy and feeling soft and wonderful to touch. I really enjoyed this trial and would buy this hair colour again and have already been raving to friends and family about it.

blu – Beauty Heaven Reviewer

Beauty Heaven

fabulous even coverage

Thanks to Beautyheaven I participated in the free trial and wow I was surprised at how much was included in it, especially the Salon In a bag kit which had the tint brush and bowl, 4 sectioning clips, cape and something I hadn’t seen before which was the bench mat. I was really impressed with the idea of a bench mat as I struggle with not staining the bathroom sink when I home color my hair. In the coloring products box there was barrier
oil, hair color remover wipe, color protect shampoo and conditioner along with the color cream, developer and gloves.  To begin with I had everything laid out on the bench mat(again that is such an awesome invention).

I had the cape on and the barrier oil was applied all around my hairline and edges of my ears to protect my skin from color stains. I emptied both the
color cream tube and developer out into the mixing bowl and mixed it up with the tint brush. I applied the color starting on the roots of my dry
unwashed hair, then moving onto the rest of the hair shaft. The product was not really strong or an overpowering smell which made the processing more pleasant. After development time I washed it out and used the color protection shampoo on it giving it a thorough washing out. Then I put
the color protect conditioner in which only needed to be in for 2 minutes before I rinsed it out. At this point it is good to note that I had no scalp or skin irritations from any of the products.The result on my hair was better than I expected as initially my hair was not in great condition and a bit multi colored. My hair is fairly thin although long as well, so I was surprised that the product contents were able to cover all my hair. It also made it look thicker, shiny and
healthy. My flyaway bits of hair were settled down too. I was impressed with how it evened out my hair color and my hair feels more manageable
and easier to put a brush through.Overall I think there are so many great things about this product and I can’t find anything negative. How great an idea it is to have the color delivered each time you are due to color too.

Ideal For…: Anyone wanting to get the salon colored hair look at home can now achieve it with this color products service.

lynx – Beauty Heaven Reviewer

Beauty Heaven

Great kit

I have long hair ,the natural color is dark brown.I dye it because I have a lot of grey hair.What annoys me is the grey hair has a different texture ,it is bit thicker and the dye doesn’t last long.I do touch ups ( the roots only) every few weeks and the whole length probably every two months.I only do my hair at home.
Thank you BH for this opportunity.I was really excited to try The Shade for the first time.It is a complete kit that can be used at home.I received Light Brown shade.I followed the instructions religiously.I really enjoyed the protecting oil ,it helped keeping the colour away.The dye itself is really pleasant to use.It is creamy and easy to spread on the hair ,it provides good coverage.I love it doesn’t have have the strong smell like other brands.Thanks to the special formula ,I don’t have to put up with the chemical smell.I washed away the dye and followed with the shampoo and conditioner.
The shampoo and conditioner in the kit are good quality,after using them my hair was shiny and had a fresh smell.

The hair clips are useful, but my hair is long and I had a bit of trouble until I worked out the proper way to use it.
Overall this kit is awesome for someone who is colouring the hair at home.The hair dye is good quality,didn’t fade after washing my hair.It is darker that is supposed to be because my natural colour is dark brown.It did a great job covering the grey hair and I hope it will last longer and I will not need any touch ups too soon ( I used the kit 5 days ago).

RalucaP – Beauty Heaven Reviewer

Beauty Heaven

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