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Root Taps

Root taps are the key to softening the line between your highlights and natural colour.

They will soften your natural colour at the root line, and add depth and dimension to your overall finish. Root taps connect and blur the demarcation between your highlights and natural colour. They are achieved by tapping a colour at the scalp/roots only.

Root taps blur any line between highlights and natural colour at the root level, softening and blurring any demarcation line between highlights and your natural colour.

A root tap is different from a root smudge. A root smudge involves applying colour to a larger section of hair closer to the roots. This can be up to 1-2 inches of hair, and the colour used can create a subtle blend, or a dramatic contrast.

Colour Selection:

Root taps use a colour which is softer than your natural colour, but which has more depth than your highlights. This adds some very natural looking dimension at your roots, while also softening any harsher contrasts between your natural colour and your highlights colour.

Think Bellaria 7.1 Dark Ash Blonde, Arezzo 8.2 Dark Beige Blonde, San Marino 8.1 Ash Blonde – colours which may be deeper than your highlights but lighter than your natural colour. Cool tones are almost always a good idea when you want a colour lighter than your natural colour, because they will cool and tone warmth revealed during lightening.

Our colourists can help you find a colour which will complement your highlights and blend beautifully at the roots.


The tint brush is put to good use with root tap applications.

As you are applying colour just to your roots, you can mix just a half quantity of colour. Blend half a tube with half a developer sachet. Use a 20 vol developer for permanent colour, or a 27 vol developer if you have stubborn greys. If you just want a semi-permanent effect for your root tap, use a 5 vol developer.

You apply the root tap by pressing the colour mix only on the roots right at the scalp. Press the product in with the tip of the tint brush. Do not press so hard that you flatten the brush, which will spread the colour further than you need.

Move through the roots in slices. Use your gloved fingers to trace a line along your roots. Tapping in a line from the front of the head to the back is usually easiest as that follows how the hair naturally falls, but any approach can work as long as you cover all the roots only.

You can apply your roots tap to hair which is damp, after the highlights have been washed out. Your hair should not be dripping wet. You should towel dry and comb it before applying the root tap.

Allow the colour to process for the usual time (in the instructions pack), and wash and condition your hair with the Colour Protection Shampoo and Conditioner.

Enjoy your blended and softened root line, and the hint of natural depth introduced with your root tap!

I’m really happy with my colour. It was so easy, and exactly what I wanted. I’m really, really pleased.

Susan Wieczkiewicz

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