Montecristo is a Light ash brown hair colour in a cool ash finish. The Ashy cool secondary tones counter-act and neutralize any unwanted brassy or reddish tones in your hair, giving you a very natural looking, easy to maintain tonally balanced gorgeous colour result.

Tone: Cool undertones are described as Ash and Beige tones, and they give a modern, cool colour effect and neutralize any unwanted reddish, orange, gold or brass tones visible in the hair. This is the shade you want if you do not want to see any red or gold in your hair colour.

  • No-Itch formulation suitable for sensitive skin
  • No Ammonia, PPD, Parabens and Phthalates
  • With Argan Oil, Aloe Vera and Ginseng Root Extract
  • Cruelty-free & Vegan
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Which colour product do you need?:

  • Semi-permanent will wash out in 6-12 washes.
  • Gentle, deposit-only 5 vol developer
  • Sheer tint over greys only
  • Permanent Colour Results (20 or 27 vol developer)
  • Complete grey coverage

Do you have stubborn or colour-resistant greys?

Grey hair undergoes structural changes which can make them resistant to colour.
If you have ever had any challenges covering greys, we recommend our 27 vol developer which is formulated to cover colour-resistant greys.

Do you wish to lift (lighten) by 2-3 colour levels from your natural colour?

Our 27 vol developer can lift your natural colour by 2-3 levels.

Do you have long and/or thick hair?

Receive an extra colour tube and developer sachet

Looking to lighten already coloured hair?

Our Bleach Wash Kit has everything you need to lift out darker pigments and lighten your base colour.

Read more about bleach washing here or contact our Colourist prior to using.

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How should this Colour Kit be shipped?

How should this Colour Kit be shipped?

  • No-Itch formulation suitable for sensitive skin

  • No Ammonia, PPD, Parabens and Phthalates

  • Cruelty-free & Vegan

  • With Argan Oil

  • With Aloe Vera

  • With Ginseng Extract

  • HOW TO


Better Ingredients, Better Colour & Condition

Gorgeous, healthier colour that works for you.
Dimensional grey coverage

100% grey coverage over even the most stubborn greys

Choose Your Coverage

Toner, semi-permanent, permanent, or intensive coverage available.


Free from ammonia, PPD, parabens, phthalates, SLS, gluten and titanium dioxide

No-itch formula

Suitable for sensitive skin


Beautiful, easy to apply colour

  1. PrepSection and clip dry hair, put your gloves on and apply barrier oil around your forehead, ears and neck.
  2. MixSqueeze the colour cream and the developer into your tint bowl and mix with your tint brush.
  3. ApplyApply to your roots only or all-over, depending on your colour needs.
  4. ProcessFollow the processing times in your instructions.
  5. RinseRinse and wash with your Colour Protection shampoo and conditioner and enjoy!.


  • AQUA
  • CETETH-2


Everything you need in one box

  • Hair Colour Cream (50g)
  • Developer (75g)
  • Colour Protection Shampoo
  • Colour Protection Conditioner
  • Barrier Oil
  • Hair colour remover wipe
  • Gloves
  • Instructions




Regular Colour Kit
(for short/medium hair)





Extra Colour Kit
(for long and/or thick hair)





Duo Colour Kit
(One Application for long or thick hair)





Duo Colour Kit
(two applications for short/medium hair)






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  • Viviane F

    Excellent quality! Great grey coverage and my hair looks shinny and healthy after colouring!

  • Andrea M

    Thank you The Shade your product is amazing quality and I love it ! With the help of your colourists I now have the colour I love. I have had two hairdressers comment on how perfect my colour is. The shampoo I love 💕

  • Micaela D

    loved it! the color looks beautiful! the only downside is that it did not cover my white hair completely. Other than that, the quality of the product and the result on my hair are both incredible!

  • Helen B

    Thank-you so much. I find the shade hair colours and developers fabulous. They are so much gentler on the hair than the regular hair colours you buy at the store and even better than those the hairdressers use at the salon. Would highly recommend the Shade. Also the cost of colouring your hair costs a fraction of whaht it cost at a hairdressing salon. Very happy.

  • Josephine M

    the Shade hair colour looks very natural.I am happy with Colour I purchased. I am almost due for another hair colour and plan to make another order again soon. !

  • Bettina B

    I love The Shade, because I have the choice of different developers. I only wanted to tone my hair a touch down in a medium beige/ash blonde. So, I got the no lift developer and two blondes tones to mix and the result was really good. From brassy, straw blonde to a shiny dark/medium cool blonde. It lasted me 2 weeks. As I used two colours, I only used half and can now do it again.

  • Suzanne H

    I love the fantastic service I get with Shade, always get prompt reply and love the colour! The colour is a lot lighter than I was getting but then at 77 maybe I don’t need to be so lusciously red?

  • Margaret Y

    Fantastic natural colour .. it’s hard to find a light ash blonde that is true yo the natural hair colour but The Shade has achieved it .. I’ve always had a hairdresser colour my hair it’s cost me hundreds every time for a 15min job even then they couldn’t get the colour right .. I’d walk away disappointed most every time NOW I can do it myself saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars ..

  • Cathie M

    I LOVE THE SHADE products. I have been using them for over 6 months and am so happy with the results. The colours are lovely and grey coverage is perfect. I need to colour every 3 to 4 weeks to keep the greys away. Bonuses - No itchy scalp while the colour is developing No sitting in a salon for hours Money savings Negative - Can be difficult to apply the colour to back of my head on my own but my hubby is happy to help - especially knowing the money we're saving!! 😀

  • Chantell G

    I've been using The Shade hair colours for 6 months now and I can honestly say it's the best. Colour is spot on, hair feels and looks amazing!! Service and delivery is great - thank you!!

  • Margaret M

    I have been using The Shade for five months and I absolutely love it! I’ve found the perfect colour by combining Trento and Toscano, and it perfectly covers my greys when store bought colours have really struggled. I also used the ‘Ask a Colourist’ function when I first started, and they were super helpful in recommending a colour and providing tips to get my hair prepped for colouring. Thank you ☺️

  • Sarah P

    Absolutely loved the process. Talking to the consultants helped steered me to what I needed to do for the first colour and the process beyond.

  • Rebecca S

    Exceeded my expectations!! Will not go back to salon services - I have brown hair and noting cost of living pressures, I was looking for a way to get a great colour without the additional overheads. Loved the colour; ordering and delivery was super quick; amazing ability to target colour to need/desires.

  • Jo R

    I was nervous but I'm so happy with how this colour turned out!

  • Cristal M

    I have been using The Shade's products for over a year now and I have been never disappointed. I love their products and my subscription is easy to add things or change shipping or even pause if I need to. The colour is amazing and easy to apply.

  • Chrystal S

    Love the quality of product. My hair is feeling great. Colour not exactly what I thought, but keen to see how it looks after this month.

  • Patricia P

    It's only day 4 after coloring and one wash. However my side grays at my temples and by my ears are completely covered. I have never been able to have a peroxide color mix stay on my hair for more than a couple of days. I must say I am elated. I am also able to save my leftover color and unmixed developer portions to use for the next time. I put a date on the calendar and I will see how long the color lasts. I must say that my hair is even softer at the temples I have very thick coarse hair. And now it feels soft. So far I am loving it. I had reservations because it does take a long time to get to the USA. But now I will just order ahead on my next order. I do not have a subscription.

  • lucy c

    My first Shade order, trying to match my natural coppery, ginger hair. It worked out perfectly. The colour blend was helpfully suggested, the method for first application clearly presented, with everything my daughters needed to help me look my best for Christmas.

  • Ann M

    I reached out the the hair colourist to help me choose a colour close to what I have and to advise me on why my greys were showing up in a week. After taking her advice I'm happy with the results and have signed up to receive my colour of choice monthly. Definitely will be recommending The Shade to all my family and friends.

  • Mandy S

    The Shade products not only saves me hours at the salon and hundreds of dollars, but I get to play with colours and it takes me only an hour to be fresh again in the roots, or two hours for highlights. The best!