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Silk Noil Towel – Dry Your Way to Softer, Shinier Hair

Our Silk Noil Hair Towel is made from 100% pure silk. It hydrates, conditions, softens and detangles your hair while it dries.

Silk Noil is a 100% pure silk jersey knit with natural stretch and a nubbly texture. Noil jersey wicks away excess water only, leaving the natural oils to remain to moisturise your scalp and hair.

Microfibre towels absorb water and natural oils and can contribute to frizziness and leave your hair dehydrated. They are useful for quick drying, but they do strip oils from your hair during the drying process.

Silk also contains sericin. Sericin is an intensely hydrating protein which helps moisture retention in the skin and hair. Retaining moisture in your hair will leave your hair smooth, soft and well-nourished.

Silk Hair Towel

Silk Noil Hair Towel benefits:

  1. Improves the condition of your hair:  Silk is rich in 18 amino acids which support hair health, shine and condition. Silk also contains a high percentage of sericin, a natural silk protein which improves the moisture levels of skin and hair.
  2. Prevents tangling and breakage and reduces frizz: Silk fibres are smooth and flat and glide with your hair, and will stop your hair from breaking and tangling while it dries. Our Silk Noil Towel reduces friction and leaves your hair soft, smooth, frizz-free, more manageable and shiny.
  3. Balancing moisture in your hair and scalp: The amino acids and fine fibre structure of silk encourages your natural hair oils to disperse along the length of the hair, reducing the moisture imbalance seen when the roots are oily and the tips are dry and preventing dryness. Cotton and microfibre towels wicks away moisture including natural hair oils, drying the water and oil in your hair, which can leave it over-dried and frizzy. Silk retains the oils in your hair and the sericin conditions and moisturises your hair and skin while it dries. Your hair will be soft, shiny and well-nourished.
  4. Protect your wet hair: Hair is at its weakest when wet. Silk protects, softens and conditions your hair while protecting it when it is wet and weak. Silk is light, compact and naturally anti-microbial.
  5. Eco: Our 100% pure silk noil towel does not shed microfibres. Microfibre hair towels do shed plastic based fibres with every wash, and these microfibres end up in the ocean.

Our Silk Noil Hair Towels will leave your hair feeling softer and stronger.

The texture and quality of silk noil is uniquely able to improve the condition of your hair with every use.

“This towel is amazing! I have never experienced anything like it. My hair feels as if it has had a deep conditioning treatment after I use it – it is shinier, softer, and detangles easily after using it. My hair is super easy to manage now, and my hair feels smoother but not oily. It is hard to describe! I gave one to my mum and she loves it too. A surprising and fantastic product!”

T. Preston

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