Highlights Kit



Create your own just-stepped-out-of-the-(home)-salon highlights, babylights or foilyage at home with our bespoke Highlights Kit!

Our two-step Highlights Kit includes a Lightening Kit, as well as either a Toner or Semi-Permanent Colour Kit to finish your highlights. Choose from either a classic cool ash or creamy cool beige finish, or add bright, warmer copper or mahogany tones.



The Lightening Kit includes:

  • sachet of Hi Lift bleach powder
  • 27 vol developer to blend with the bleach powder
  • 2 x Colour Protection Shampoo sachets to double-shampoo when you wash out the lightener mix.
  • Color Protection Conditioner
  • Gloves
  • Illustrated step-by-step instructions to apply highlights/babylights or foilyage

Your Toner or Semi-Permanent Colour Kit includes:

  • Colour tube
  • 5 vol developer
  • Colour Protection Shampoo
  • Colour Protection Conditioner
  • Gloves
  • Barrier oil
  • Colour Remover Wipe

Two-Step Process:

Step 1: Slice and weave your foils and apply your foils and lightener. Wash when processing is complete.

Step 2: Apply your toner or semi-permanent colour.

(Detailed step-by-step illustrated instructions are included in Lightening Kit)

We recommend that you purchase our Highlighting Accessories Bundle with your first Highlights Kit, which consists of:

  • a box of 50 embossed foils
  • a pintail comb
  • 4 alligator clips.

The comb and clips are reusable and are essential to slice and weave your highlights. The foils are non-slip and high-grip and are needed to wrap and process your highlights.

How light is light?

One application can lighten your hair up to three shades and brightens with each use.

Click below to see how light you can go.

Black Brown
Darkest Brown
Dark Brown
Light Brown
Dark Blonde
Medium Blonde
Light Blonde
Lightest Blonde


Your results will vary depending on how light or dark your current color is, and whether you have natural (virgin) or color-treated hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your Highlights Kit and how are they different?

The Shade’s Highlights Kit enable you to apply professional highlights at home. They combine our salon-quality, sensitive-skin friendly ingredients with the personalised service you can expect from The Shade.

Our highlights give a natural, sun-kissed look which will soften and add dimension to your colour. We provide illustrated step-by-step instructions for an easy application, all the professional tools and products you need to lighten and apply your highlights.

What’s in the Highlights Kit?

Everything you need to lighten and achieve perfect highlights!

Adding highlights is a two-step process, so there are two separate kits included with every highlights order:

  1. A Lightening kit with everything you need to lighten your colour by 2-3 levels.
  2. A toner or semi-permanent Colour Kit to deposit tone on your newly lightened sections.

You will also need our Highlights Accessories Bundle, which includes a reusable pintail comb, 4 alligator clips and a box of 50 professional embossed non-slip foils. Keep and reuse the comb and clips. There are sufficient foils for 2-3 applications of 15 highlights.

We recommend applying around 15 highlights at a time. You can easily add more highlights after your initial application if you wish. The bleach wash and tone/semi-permanent colour can be used for two separate highlights applications. Be sure to only mix half of the products if you want to retain product for a second highlights application later, as you can’t store and reuse pre-mixed colour or lightening products, but you can reuse unmixed products.

How do I select the best toner or semi-permanent colour for my highlights?

Our individually tailored Highlights Kit are prepared just for your needs and colour goals.

Highlights are typically finished with a cool-based toner which will mute warmth and balance brassiness.

Choose the tone that best matches your current base colour and colour goals.

Toners include:

  • Lightest Ash or Lightest Beige Blonde
  • Light Ash Blonde
  • Medium Ash or Medium Beige Blonde
  • Dark Ash Blonde
  • Light Ash Brown
  • Medium Ash Brown

If you want to see warm golden, copper or mahogany tones in your highlights, you can consider:

  • Golden or Copper tones
  • Copper, Chestnut, or Mahogany tones

How are your highlights applied?

We use the classic salon foil highlight approach because it professional, achievable and results in perfectly blended highlights.

We include illustrated, step-by-step instructions to show you how to section and weave thin slices of hair to isolate strands for lightening.

These strands are then lightened and wrapped in foils to process. After the processing time, you wash out the lightening mixture. You then apply either your toner or semi-permanent colour, to deposit pigments on your newly lightened highlights.

What is foilyage?

Foilyage combines elements of foil highlights and balayage. Balayage is a French technique that means “to sweep”. It is characterised by lighter lengths and ends, with a naturally darker root section. Highlights are painted on to create a multidimensional, sun-kissed look without harsh lines or high-contrast roots. We utilise foils to keep your colour application, controlled, clean and to support the lifting process. Foilyage leaves a soft, lived-in low-maintenance finish with less noticeable regrowth which allows for longer intervals between touch-up applications.

How do I apply highlights?

We included illustrated step-by-step instructions to guide you through your highlights application. Our colourists are always available to answer any questions you have and to help with your colour selection. The highlights application is a two-step process. Start by isolating and apply lightener to the strands which will become your highlights. Wash the lightener out after your processing time. Then apply your toner or semi-permanent colour to neutralise any brassiness and enhance your tone. Wash with the Colour Protection Shampoo and Conditioner to hydrate and seal in the colour and to add softness and deep shine to your hair.

How often do I need to apply highlights?

It is a good idea to refresh your highlights every 2 to 6 months. You can refresh the tone or colour of your highlights any time by applying a toner or semi-permanent colour.

Can I touch-up my roots and add highlights too?

We recommend applying your base colour before you lighten. You can apply your highlights over your new or refreshed base colour. This approach makes it easy for you to touch-up your base colour as needed with the base colour. If you need help, our expert colourists are there to answer any questions or to recommend how often you should apply highlights.