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Semi-Permanent Brilliance!

Semi-permanent colours add lustrous shine and shimmering reflect to your base colour, without lifting, drying or damaging your hair.

What is a semi-permanent colour?

Semi-permanent colour is a gentle colour treatment which will enhance your colour and add a glossy shine and tone.

Our semi’s are blended with our gentle 5 vol developer will deposit colour and tone only. You can blend any one of our colours with our 5 vol developer for a semi-permanent colour result.

Use semi’s to freshen and boost your colour and tone, or to temporarily try a darker colour or a brighter or warmer new tone, without loosing any moisture from your hair

Our semi-permanent colours will deposit colour, tone and shine only. They won’t lift or lighten your base colour level, or damage or dry your hair.

Why use a semi-permanent colour?

Semi’s allow you to;

  • refresh your colour
  • boost and balance your tone
  • add gloss and shine
  • add temporary depth
  • add vibrancy and dimension
  • experiment with colours without committing to a permanent colour

Semi-permanent colour will not

  • lighten or lift your base colour level
  • provide grey colour coverage

Semi’s will add dimension, volume, leaving a healthy, full, glossy finish. They provide only a sheer temporary tint over greys, not complete grey coverage.


Blend a cool based colour with 5 vol to balance, tone and reduce unwanted warmth. Cool based colours which are blended with a low vol developer will deposit tone and shine only. Cool tones reduce unwanted warmth, leaving a tonally balanced, glossy colour result. See our range of toners here.

Healthier Hair

Our 5 vol developer has a very low percentage of peroxide in a gentle, nourishing formula which won’t dry or damage your hair. Semi-permanent colour will coat the outside of the hair with pigments, adding dimension, reflect and volume, preserving your hairs condition and contributing to a healthy, shiny and resilient hair.

If you are committed to both covering greys and keeping your hair as healthy and strong as possible, then we recommend our Colour Perfection approach. Cover your regrowth and greys only with a permanent colour (20 vol or 27 vol developers), and use semi-permanent colour in your lengths. This approach ensure that each section of hair is only covered once by permanent colour. This minimises the overall impact of colouring on your hair, preserves and supports your hairs health and condition, and will keep your hair beautifully coloured, strong, soft and shiny.

The Shade’s colour range is free from ammonia, PPD, phthalates, parabens, SLS, gluten and titanium dioxide. Our colours are formulated with argan oil, aloe vera and ginseng root extract to nourish your hair while you colour.

Superb colour choices. In-depth assistance and support by knowledgeable experts/colourists. My hair is naturally dry and is always brittle after dyeing but the quality of The Shade products (smells and feels amazing) makes my hair look better than I could’ve possibly hope for.

E. Ngatai

So easy to use, result look like they were done by a professional. Doesn’t make my scalp itchy or dry and my hair always feels shiny and soft afterwards!

Carolina Briscoe

Excellent service and a first class product! Glorious, shiny and mulit-dimensional!

M. Morris

2 replies on “Semi-Permanent Brilliance!”

  • I would like to order a semi permanent colour. Thank you for providing a hair colour with decreased chemicals.

    • Thanks Rosemary,

      You are able to select your colour here, and then select the semi-permanent option.

      I hope this helps!

      The Shade

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