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Babylights and Baby Foilyage!!

Babylights are super finely woven highlights which add a hint of sun-kissed softness and light to your hair.

Their fine weave enables them to blend beautifully with your base colour, leaving a subtle summery glow. They will refresh your look, adding dimension and breaking up your colour, while leaving your colour looking shiny and refined.

Our Highlights Kit includes instructions to apply babylights and foilyage (and also to touch-up existing highlights), and the possibilities are endless!


Babylights are characterised by super-fine, delicate highlights. The are subtle and very natural looking. Babylights use a fine weave to isolate strands of hair. Babylights avoid the striped look of chunkier highlights, while giving you the flexibility to build them to create lighter sections, such as with face-framing babylights. Building a few foils of babylights in and around the temples and forehead with give you a light-attracting softness around your face that is universally flattering.

Babylights are created in a two-step process (lightening, then tone/colour application) using the foil technique to process the lightening. This allows for more lift and a controlled, neat application and result.

Baby Foilyage:

Foilyage uses foils to lighten. Lightener is applied in a balayage application, at the ends of the hair. Baby foilyage uses very fine strands, similar to babylights, applied in the lower sections of the hair only. The highpoints of the foils are varied, creating volume and dimension. This creates a very subtle lightening only at the lengths and ends. This colouring effect creates a very natural, blended, sun-kissed look with darker roots and lighter ends. It leaves a very low maintenance finish. The darker roots allow natural regrowth and extended intervals between colour touch-ups.

Colour and Tone Options:

Highlights are typically finished with a cool toner. Think dark, medium or light ash blondes.

You can also finish your highlights with warmer or neutral tones by applying a semi-permanent colour over your highlights to add copper colours, mahogany or golden tones. Let our colourists assist with the finish and look that you want to achieve, and they can recommend the product and process to give you the result you want.

If your base colour is darker, consider either cool dark blonde highlights, or add a contrasting colour such as mahogany or copper. A softer light brown will also play well with a darker base, and soften your overall look.

Babylights and foilyage use the same foil process and both add a soft, beautiful dimension to your colour. The key difference between babylights and foilayage is that foilyage mimics the hand-painted effect of balayage, concentrating the highlights on the lower sections of hair. Foilyage is a great option for those looking for a lower maintenance colour option which leaves a bright, beautiful finish.

I used the Dark Ash blonde to tone down my unruly orange tones. I have fallen in love with the ease of The Shade’s kits, and colour/health of my hair when I use their products. I haven’t found a shampoo and conditioner which matches the quality of theirs either!

Amanda Letcher

My hair throws a lot of warm tones and I’m always apprehensive about trying at home colours but the cool dark brown colour did not disappoint. Very impressed with this product!

Eliza Kokkin

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