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Darker Hair Colour Ideas

Looking for some fresh ideas for colour with a darker base?

Leaning in to your natural hair colour and texture is always the healthiest approach, as you spare your hair from lightening, or straightening processes. Embrace beautiful, low maintenance, high shine colour with confidence!

Here’s a range of colour options which work for hair with a natural darker base:

Our Darkest Black has a strikingly deep, beautiful finish. Adding depth can leave a flattering contrast with the complexion and leave the hair looking healthier.

If you are looking for a brighter, more dramatic colour change, mahogany tones are always eye-catching, drawing light and attention with their rich red-brown hue.

Colours & Tones

Mahogany colours are characterised by wine-coloured tones, which can be subtle or deeper, depending on the balance of tones. Our mahogany colours, Messina and Milano, have a neutral balance of pigments, so they work for all complexions. Mahogany colours perform brilliantly as a semi-permanent, depositing tones over brunettes of any depth – a perfect way to try mahogany tones without committing to permanent colour.

Many brunettes are hesitant of warm tones. We often hear requests for cool brunette colours without any warmth. However, there is a huge difference between unwanted, faded, dull, brassy brunette and an intentional rich chocolate or or deep auburn tone. Adding warmer tones introduces brighter, rich hues, which reflect light and give the hair a little sparkle.

Verona Chocolate Brown blends mahogany, chestnut and gold tones, and it leaves a warm glow with multi-dimensional tones. Chocolate tones have a blend of warmer secondary tones, leaving a rich warm finish.

A fabulous chestnut brown has the perfect combination of warmth and depth without ever appearing brassy and it looks great on most skin tones.

If you are hesitant to add warmth, consider blending a warm colour with a neutral, which will give you half-strength warm tones. Adding some neutral tones can also be the best approach if you are covering greys. Neutral pigments fill and anchor warmer colours. A neutral + warm colour blend is the best way to achieve an even, consistent and balanced warm colour result, without a lighter or brighter colour result over greys.

If you are lightening your colour by even one colour level, and you want to see a tonally balanced colour result, then it is best to use a cool based colour such as Montecristo 6.1 Light Ash Brown.

Cool toned colours work to reduce unwanted warmth in your colour. If you want to see a colour result without any warmth, you need a cool toned colour. Dark, medium and light brown cool colours are some of the most popular colours. They deliver dreamy brunettes with a balanced tone, leaving a matte, modern finish which is universally flattering.


A darker base with lighter highlights is a classic and versatile look which will soften your silhouette. Highlights around the face will draw light to your face and light, softness and dimension to your look.

You can use our Highlights Kit to add highlights, babylights or foilyage. Our kits are customised, and you can add any finish you like to your highlights – classic cool tones or richer, warmer tones.

Low Maintenance Root Touch-Ups + Foilyage

Adding highlights is much more low maintenance than an all-over colour, especially with a foilyage application.

Foilyage uses a foil highlights application technique, but the lightener and tone/colour are only applied on the lower lengths, leaving the roots darker. Foilyage applications let you extend your time between colour applications, because there isn’t a firm colour line. You can get away with less touch-ups, and are a low maintenance colour technique.

Highlights can be fabulously flexible too – Once you’ve pre-lightened the hair you have many more options of shades which you can try, by applying a semi-permanent colour over your highlights.


Running a semi-permanent colour through your hair is a low commitment option which will refresh and boost your colour. If you have pre-lightened sections (highlights or balayage), running a toner will add shine, balance and boost tone.

Copper or gold curious? Adding semi-permanent tones over highlights or balayage lets you try brighter or warmer tones, without a long-term commitment.

Both options are low commitment and will add just the right amount of refresh, and a whole lot of shine.

Our colourists are available 7 days a week to provide personalised advice to help you achieve your colour goals.

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