We Care About More Than Hair

We Care About More Than Hair

We also care about the environment and, you know, our children’s future on this planet.

We try to tread gently and our packaging has been designed to be minimal and where possible recyclable. We have designed our product packaging to have as light afootprint on the environment and we use with as many reuseable or recyclable parts where possible.

Our Colour Kit cardboard boxes can be completely recycled. They are just the right size to fit everything you need for salon colouring at home, and to also fit in your letterbox so you don’t miss any parcel deliveries.

Our cardboard boxes and instruction cards are 100% recyclable.

We provide a full set of salon accessories with your first order. The Professional tools can be washed and reused every time you colour, giving you a fully equipped home salon which you can use each time you colour. Zero waste, friends! Please hold on to your salon accessories so you can reuse them when you next colour your hair.

Our colour, developer, shampoo and conditioner and barrier oil are all made in Italy and shipped to our warehouse in Melbourne. We recycle all cardboard and soft plastics used in the packaging and we’re happy to report that our regular rubbish bins are never full, but our recycling skip fills up very quickly.

Our outer packaging is recyclable, so please pop those in the recycling too.

We are committed to provide a better, low chemical home colouring experience with true salon colour results, and with the lightest environmental footprint possible.

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