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Chocolate Cherry Tones

Just like its name, the chocolate cherry look is a little bit sweet, a touch cheeky and very refreshing.

The chocolate cherry look blends a brunette base with red fuscia hues throughout the hair. The key is playing up the red, which adds drama and dimension to the hair.

The colour finish can range from ever-so subtle, to a brighter more dramatic colour result over highlights.

The Colour:

Chocolate cherry tones always have a brunette base. The depth of colour in the base can range from deepest black to a light brown. Mahogany and warmer burgundy tones are blended either in the permanent base colour or added on top of the base colour, with a semi-permanent shot of red/violet and cherry tones, which add rich warmth and dimension and interest to the finish.

True chocolate cherry tones have a subtle finish, adding just a soft cherry glow to a deeper base. It looks like a brunette color with a subtle reddish fuscia hue throughout the hair. It’s not a vibrant hair color but more of a whisper in the hair.

Subtle choc cherry tones can be achieved by blending a neutral base colour with a colour with mahogany or chestnut tones. This 50:50 blend will leave a soft cherry glow in the hair only.

Blending Como 4 Dark Brown with Messina 4.5 Deep Mahogany Brown will give you a dark brown base colour with a hint of mahogany tones, leaving a soft choc cherry finish.

For softer cherry tones with a mid-brown base colour level, blend Siena 5 Brown with Milano 5.5 Mahogany Brown.

You can also temporarily add some choc cherry tones by applying a semi-permanent colour over your brunette base. Try Messina or Milano 5.5 Mahogany Brown with our 5 vol developer to achieve a semi-permanent colour finish.

Base Colours:

Choc cherry tones work best on a base level from darkest brown level 3 to a light brown level 6.

If you have darker hair, try adding some highlights around your face and in the lengths of your hair. Add cherry tones with a semi-permanent colour application over your highlights, for lighter, brighter colour and dimension in your lighter pieces.


Add face-framing highlights and balayage and finish your highlights with pops of cherry tones to add vibrant and cheerful cherry tones. Cherry highlights are particularly effective over a darker leveled brunette base.

Use our Highlights Kit to add lightener and foils, and finish your highlights with Milano or Verona 5.53 Chocolate Brown to add rich, contrasting tones. The fuscia secondary tones will appear lighter and brighter over highlights, adding interest and dimension to your colour finish.

Commitment Phobic:

Try adding rich choc cherry tones with a semi-permanent colour. You can add a lighter semi-permanent over a darker base. If your base colour is anywhere between black and medium brown, Verona will add chocolate, chestnut and mahogany semi-permanent tones, leaving a hint of chocolate cherry, without committing to a permanent colour result.

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