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One Tube, Five Results!

Our entire range of PPD and ammonia free colours, can be mixed together, giving you the freedom to blend colours to create your own perfect custom shade.

One tube, five results:

  1. Semi-permanent
  2. Toner
  3. Permanent coverage
  4. Intensive coverage
  5. Colour blending

You can achieve 5 results from one tube of colour, depending on the developer used or if you are blending colours.

We offer three different developers, which give you the flexibility to choose multiple different finishes:

  • 5 vol developer which will deposit some colour, tone and shine only and leave a semi-permanent finish.
  • Blending a neutral or warm based colour with the 5 vol developer will leave a semi-permanent colour result.
  • A toner is created by blending a cool based colour with the 5 vol developer. A toner will reduce unwanted warmth, leaving a tonally balanced, high shine finish.
  • Our 20 vol developer will provide permanent colour coverage and complete grey coverage for the most users.
  • Our 27 vol developer is specifically formulated to cover stubborn greys.

Colour Perfection:

If you are colouring regularly to cover greys, then the healthiest approach to colouring is to colour with a permanent colour (20 or 27 vol developer) at your roots only. You can boost tone and colour in your lengths with a semi-permanent colour. This approach gives you complete grey coverage, and keeps your hair beautifully coloured, healthy, shiny and strong. We call it Colour Perfection.

Duo Colour Blends:

Blending two colours lets you achieve a colour which is right in between two colour levels, or to add some softer or stronger tones and colours. Colour blends can be very technically helpful. For example, a blend of a neutral and a warm colour will give more consistent colour results over greys than a warm colour alone.

Semi-Permanent Colour:

Semi-permanent colour is very gentle. Try using a semi-permanent colour or toner as a full-length application, and using permanent colour only at your roots for grey coverage. This approach will avoid layering colour, and keep your hair strong and healthy.

All our colours are free from ammonia, PPD and titanium dioxide and, of course, are cruelty-free and vegan as well.

Our mixable and interchangeable colours and developers create endless possibilities for you to achieve a colour you love, while maintaining the best possible condition of your hair.

Our colourists can help you find the colour(s) which will work for you – talk to them today!

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