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Caring For Lightened Hair

All hair which has been lightened needs a little extra TLC.

Any application which removes colour pigments from the hair, such as a lightening process, will also remove some moisture. Therefore, it is important to boost the moisture levels of hair before and after a lightening process.

Hair which is well hydrated and nourished will be resilient, soft and shiny. Well-hydrated hair will be stronger and resist breakage. Boosting the condition of your hair will also give you better, longer-lasting colour results. Dry and porous hair can leak colour, causing rapid colour fade. It can also over-absorb colour, leading to darker and duller colour results.

Hair which is resilient and well-hydrated will absorb and retain colour better than dry, brittle hair. It will also reward you with its resilience and soft, shiny texture.

We strongly recommend that anyone who has lightened their colour incorporates deep conditioning and repair treatments into their hair care.

Our favourite treatments to deeply moisturise and condition are:

Repair Mask is a lightweight, nutrient-rich, deeply nourishing treatment that moisturizes hair while restoring shine. Ingredients include elderflower, Tasmanian blue gum leaf, jojoba, olive oil and argan oil. The blend of organic botanicals will restore moisture, strength, softness and shine.

Repair Mask is made from ingredients which are of 99.5% natural origin, including a high proportion of organic botanicals. It will instantly and deeply nourish, strengthen, soften and repair your hair. 

Repair Spray is lightweight and non-greasy and is filled with vitamins and minerals. It is targeted to repairing and strengthening fragile or damaged hair, making breakage a thing of the past.

Split End Serum is a lightweight yet deeply nourishing treatment. It will not only helps to seal, smooth and rebuild thin and frayed ends, it also fortifies and protects hair from future damage.

Tsubaki oil is 100% pure Camellia Japonica oil and is brilliant for restoring strength, moisture, softness and shine to hair. It is a lightweight pure oil, which is easily absorbed by the hair and skin. Tsubaki oil is full of beneficial components such as oleic acid, proteins and glycerides.

Tsubaki Oil is best used with a thermal cap. The thermal cap gently lifts the cuticles of the hair, allowing the nutrients to be deeply absorbed, leaving your hair softer, stronger and well-nourished.

A thermal cap will optimise the benefits and results of your treatment. It can be used with the Repair Mask or Tsuabki oil to supercharge the absorption and benefits of your treatments.

Lightened hair will respond positively to intensive conditioning treatments. Boosting the condition of your lightened hair will reward you with softer, stronger, shinier hair.

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