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Elegant Auburns

Eye-catching, elegant and eternally chic, auburn tones have a timeless beauty and sophistication.

Auburn colours always include copper and are anchored in brown tones, giving them a more muted, earthy finish than their more fiery copper cousins. Ranging from delicious gingerbread hues to softer toned brondes, auburns evoke old-Hollywood glam.

Auburn tones have an earthy, natural finish amongst copper tones blended with hints of honey and cinnamon.

Who Suits Auburn Colours?

The brown/bronde hues at the base of auburn mean that they work for essentially all complexions. Auburn tones flatter and energise cool paler complexions, and add a radiant glow on warmer skin tones.

Auburn Colour Blends

The perfect auburn colour for you sits somewhere on the brown/bronde-copper spectrum.

Darker auburn colours will have a level 5-6 colour level. Softer auburns will have a base colour between level 7 dark blonde and level 8 medium blonde.

Brown and dark blonde neutral colours have an even blend of cool and warm secondary tones. Adding just a little touch of copper to a predominantly neutral base will add understated ginger tones that can transform your look.

Copper-Brown Colour Blends

Softer, more muted auburns can be achieved by blending colours and adding just a hint of copper to a neutral base colour. Blend a neutral colour, such as Sicily 8 Medium Blonde, with a hint of a brighter copper colour such as Palermo 7.43 for a much more muted, subtle soft auburn.

If you are blending to add just a hint of copper, you can add just a little bit of Palermo to a neutral base colour. Remove one tablespoon of the base colour first and replace it with one tablespoon of Palermo. A small amount of a brighter copper tone with a neutral base colour will create a beautifully soft auburn.

Our Duo Colour Kits include two colour tubes, two developers and let you blend colours to customise your colour result. Add just a small amount of copper to a base colour to create a sophisticated, gorgeous auburn colour.

If you are looking for a customised colour, talk to our colourists who can recommend a colour blend to achieve your colour goals. Our colourists can help you find the right base colour level and secondary tones for your perfect auburn shade.

Great quality products! Every time I dye my hair it is easy to apply, smells amazing and my hair comes out brightly coloured and shiny. I switched from drug store hair dye six months ago and my hair has never felt healthier. I use their auburn shade which lasts six weeks and is still vibrant when I reapply. Having the little box delivered every month makes it so easy to maintain my colour, as I remember to do it and don’t have to stress about finding the same shade I used last time which is super convenient! Their packaging has become more plastic free over the last couple of months which is great. When you order your first box they send you a reusable mixing bowl, application brush, clips, clothes protector and a little protector for your table which come in a drawstring pouch. It makes it super easy to protect your clothes from the dye and apply it properly. I am trying to be more eco conscious so having tools that I reuse every time is great. 10/10 would recommend!

Kay B.

Extremely good product! My hair is healthy and I’m getting compliments on my hair and it’s shine! I love the fact that I’m using natural products on my hair and the colours are rich and long lasting! Couldn’t be happier!

Sharyn O.

Love love love!! I’ve been box dying my hair for 25 years, due to not wanting to spend money to have it done. I’ve had greys for 10 years and have done my best to cover them, but never really able to fully. The box colours are always patchy, and leave my hair dry and damaged… Received my The Shade order, loved the packaging and goodies with it! The instructions were super easy to follow, and the pre-grey covering treatment resulted in FULL grey covering! My hair was left really soft and with an even rich colour! So happy I stumbled accoss The Shade! 🙂

Amanda M.

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