Customise Your Colour with a Duo Colour Blend!

Perfect, Personalised Colour Blends

Looking for a colour which is a little bit this, and a little bit that and 100% you?

Sitting on the bronde fence and you want both light brown and a little dark blonde?

We’ve got this.

Your perfect colour might just be a customised Duo Colour blend which perfectly match your hair goals.

Blend half a tube of Montecristo Light Ash Brown with Napoli Dark Blonde, for perfectly balanced light chocolate tones with a lighter, summery reflect, and a hint of Ash to offset brassiness.

Blend a little chestnut with mahogany. Mix your copper with a neutral to anchor your colour for better grey coverage.

Duo Colour Selection

Let our colourists know your hair goals, challenges and history and we can suggest the perfect blend for you. Complete the colourist questionnaire to receive a detailed colour review including customised colour suggestions for your personalised, blended colour solution.

It is generally best to mix like with like, such as either blending a cool colour together with another cool colour, to achieve a sleek, creamy colour finish without unwanted warmth, or two blend two warm colours to achieve a rich, vibrant tone.

Blending a neutral colour with a cool or warm colour will add half-strength cool or warm tones, which lets you achieve a softer strawberry blonde, or a very natural looking dark or medium blonde which has just enough cool tones to tone and mute warmth, while giving you a very natural looking finish.

If you are colour goal is to mute unwanted warmth, and you are looking for a base colour level right between two colour levels, then a blend of the cool Ash in each of the two colour levels can be great option, such as Montecristo 6.1 Light Ash Brown with Bellaria 7.1 Dark Ash Blonde.

What’s in a Duo Colour Kit?

A Duo Colour Kit has two different colour tubes and 2 developers. Also included are Colour Protection shampoo and conditioner, gloves, hair colour remover wipes and barrier oil.

If your hair is of average thickness and shoulder length or shorter, you’ll receive 2 x Colour Protection shampoo and conditioner, gloves, hair colour remover wipes and barrier oil, which gives you everything you need for two separate colour applications.

Squeeze and blend half of each colour tube with one developer for a standard colour application.

If you have long and/or thick hair, mix the entire two tubes with both sachets of developer.

To order the Duo Colour Kit, select one colour and follow the prompts to add your second colour to create a Duo colour blend. Prices start from $35.95 delivered.

Talk to our colourists today and let us help you find your perfect, customised shade, or click on the button below to go to our online colour consultation.

I spent A LOT on salon visits and wanted a more natural look…enter The Shade…could not be happier with my result! I used Duo option Bellaria 7.1 Dark Ash Blonde with Montecristo 6.1 Light Ash Brown.

J. Berude

Camilla suggested a duo of Lucca Chocolate Blonde 7.53 and Torino Golden Blonde 8.3 for my dark brown hair. The duo of colours was easy to prepare and apply and the shampoo and conditioner lovely to use. My greys are gone and the three month old bleached out highlights are now blending in with my base colour while still maintaining a lighter tone. Overall I am very happy with the results!

K. Hoch

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