Customised colour – Duo Colour Kits

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Customised colour – Duo Colour Kits

Perfect, Personalised Colour Blends

Looking for a colour which is a little bit this, and a little bit that and 100% you?

Sitting on the bronde fence and you want both light brown and a little dark blonde?

We’ve got this.

We are super excited to announce new Duo Colour Packs which lets you customise your colour to perfectly match your hair goals.

Blend half a tube of Montecristo Light Ash Brown with Napoli Dark Blonde, for perfectly balanced light chocolate tones with a lighter, summery reflect, and a hint of Ash to offset brassiness.

Blend a little chestnut with cinnamon, add a pinch of spice or a dash of summer to your favourite base colour for a personalised, perfect colour result.

Let our colourists know your hair goals, challenges and history and we can suggest the perfect blend for you. Complete the colourist questionnaireto receive a detailed colour review including customised colour suggestions for your personalised, blended colour solution.

A Duo pack has two different colour tubes and 2 developers  – use half a tube of each colour with one developer for a custom colour blend.

Also included are 2 x Colour Protection shampoos and conditioners, gloves, colour remover wipes, barrier oil, which gives you everything you need for two separate colour applications, for $39.40 (shipping included).

Talk to our colourists today and let us help you find your perfect, customised shade.



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