Our gentle no lift 5 vol toner will deposit tone and shine, achieving a quick semi-permanent toning effect and leaving your colour refreshed, refined and beautiful.

We recommend selecting a toner which is one level lighter than the lightest colour in your hair.


Toners are cool based colours blended with a deposit-only 5 vol developer. They will deposit cool tones and shine only, without lifting or impacting your base colour level.

A toner will neutralise and mute unwanted warm or brassy tones, boost shine and refine your colour finish.

Toners act much like the topcoat to finish and refine your colour. Their gentle, deposit-only composition also makes them a healthy choice for your hair, and they can be used regularly without any drying or damaging effects.

We have toners suitable for use at all colour levels, from darker brunette colours to the lightest blondes.

Our toners are free from ammonia, PPD, parabens, phthalates, titanium dioxide and gluten, and are blended with Argan oil, Aloe Vera and Ginseng root extract.

What’s in the Toner kit?

  • Sachet of 5 vol developer
  • Tube of cool-based colour cream
  • Gloves
  • Colour Protection Shampoo
  • Colour Protection Conditioner
  • Barrier Oil
  • Hair Colour Remover Wipe

Why use a toner?

  • Neutralising Toners will counter-balance and mute unwanted warmth such as gold, or brassy copper or red tones by depositing cool tones.
  • Shine Enhancement  Sometimes your hair colour simply needs a shine boost. Toners to the rescue!
  • Gentle Colour Refreshing  If your existing colour has started to fade, a toner is a healthier way to bring it back to life than by re-applying permanent colour.

Who are toners for?

  • Blonde Hair Toners can remove unwanted warm tones, and add shine to the overall blonde hair colour shade.
  • Brunette Hair You can add richness, depth and dimension to brunette hair colour with a toner, as well as neutralise colour that is too warm, brassy or ashy.
  • Highlights  Toning will finish and refine your highlights by blending and balancing them. Toning balayage, foilyage or foil highlights makes them look subtler, more natural and frankly, more expensive!

Toner Selection:

We recommend selecting a toner which is one level lighter than your current colour level, or one level lighter than your highlights colour.

The blue or violet undertones in cool colours are targeted to neutralise warmth which is seen at that colour level. Darker levels have more blue tones to counter warmth in brunette colours, and violet undertones eliminate unwanted yellow tones in blonde levels.

If your base colour is a level 4 dark brown, but you have some lighter level 7 highlights, then select Bellaria 7.1 with our 5 vol developer. This will neutralise brassy or yellow tones and deposit a smokey Ash dark blonde tone in your highlights.

If your hair has been lightened and you are considering adding depth, you can use a toner to add a little bit of depth together with cool tones. Select a toner 1-2 levels darker than the lightest colour in your hair now, to add some temporary depth and cool tones.