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How To Perfectly Match Your Natural Colour

Sometimes the best colour choices are those very close to your natural colour.

Colouring to match your natural colour will give you low-maintenance, glossy locks with grey coverage, minus the upkeep of dramatic colour changes.

Maintaining a base level and tone which is significantly different from our natural colour will always be a higher maintenance option.

Your natural colour will work well with your complexion and eye colour, and the tone and colour level will be easy to touch-up and maintain.

If you are looking for a colour which perfectly matches your natural colour, we can help!

Top Tips for Matching Your Natural Colour:

  • If your natural colour has warm tones and you are colouring to cover some greys, consider blending a neutral and warm colour. Colour blends can give you a softer and more muted colour finish which can look more natural than a brighter, richer single colour option.
  • Your natural base colour level might be right between two colour levels. You can achieve a depth between two colour levels by blending one colour from each level. Customise your colour with a Duo colour blend to achieve the depth and tone which is right for you.
  • Neutral colours have warm tones and cool tones within their colour blend. The colouring process can reveal a hint of natural warmth, and a neutral colour will allow these natural tones to remain. A neutral can be a good choice if you are looking for some subtle warm tones.
  • If you want to try adding some warm or cool tones, use a semi-permanent colour or toner to add tones without impacting your base colour level or committing to a permanent colour.
  • Ask a colourist. That’s what we are here for. We can suggest colour options or blends that you may not have thought of. Sometimes your perfect colour, is not the one you thought it was. Get it touch, we would love to help!

Easy to use and great colour match, quick delivery and responsive customer service – shampoo and conditioner are to die for, keeps my hair smelling clean and fresh for days!

Cindy Hadley

Fabulous support to find colour match for natural hair, fabulous results.

Rosie Smith

The whole experience was great. As a first time buyer, they provided me with everything I needed. It was so professional and I was extremely impressed with the amount of thought put into the whole package, not to mention the colour itself was a perfect match for my hair and hasn’t faded.

Manal Wardy

So impressed with the colour! I received advice from one of your consultants and the match wash perfect. Saved me hours in the salon and had no scalp irritation at all for the first time with any hair colour.

Caroline Lawless

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