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Colour Perfection – The Healthiest Colouring Approach

Great colour needs hair which is in great condition. Hair needs to be healthy and strong to properly absorb and hold colour, to look its best, and to maintain strength, softness and shine.

Our colourists have seen it all – from the healthiest hair untouched by any processes, to hair which unfortunately is so over-processed that it leaks colour like a sieve.

If you want amazing colour and condition, you need a colouring routine which can keep your colour fabulous and your hair in its best possible condition.

Which is why we developed our 2-step approach Color Perfection technique as the ultimate approach to minimise unnecessary processes, while achieving beautiful colour, grey coverage, and strong, healthy hair.

It involves applying permanent color at the roots only and using a semi-permanent color or toner to freshen up your lengths and ends and boost shine.

Colour Perfection colouring will:

  • Cover grey regrowth at the roots, permanently
  • Keep your lengths fresh, bright, balanced, glossy
  • Retain and tone highlights or balayage
  • Let you add different tones or colour with a lighter colour in your lengths
  • Protect your hair from unnecessary over-processing
  • Avoids layering colour in your lengths, which can lead to darker or duller colour results, especially over porous hair
  • Support the health and condition of your hair, keeping it healthy and strong

Step 1: Permanent Colour Over Regrowth

Our Colour Perfection technique involves applying permanent colour to your roots only, covering each section of hair (greys or regrowth) once only with permanent colour, minimising the processes the hair is exposed to.

Colour is blended with either a 20 vol or 27 vol developer to achieve permanent coverage over greys:

  • Our standard 20 vol developer can typically achieve complete grey coverage and up to 2 levels of lift.
  • If you have colour resistant greys, select the 27 vol developer.

Permanent Colour Application:

Apply the permanent colour close to your roots only, to cover your regrowth only, without applying any colour to your lengths.

Step 2: Semi-Permanent Colour or Toner Only On Your Lengths

With the Colour Perfection technique, every time you color, you’re applying a semi-permanent or toner instead of permanent hair color on your mid-lengths and ends.

This technique lets you boost your colour in your lengths, while avoiding repeated permanent colour applications.

Semi’s and toners are very gentle, deposit-only products. A semi-permanent colour is a neutral or warm colour blended with a 5 vol developer. A toner is a cool colour blended with a 5 vol developer. Using a semi or toner on your lengths will boost your colour and shine, while protecting your hair’s health and condition.

Colouring with a semi only in your lengths also gives you flexibility to change colour and tone. Colouring with a semi which is a level lighter than your roots will give you a a slightly softer tone in your lengths which can look very natural. Try neutral, warmer or cool tones 1-2 shades lighter than the colour at your roots for a fresh, multi-dimensional finish.

Semi-Permanent or Toner Application:

Apply the permanent colour to your roots only first. After you have touched-up your roots, you can apply your semi or toner. It can be easier to apply the semi or toner on a seperate day, as they should be applied full-length, over dry hair. Follow the instructions and apply the semi or toner as a full length colour application. You can over-lap the toner/semi over the permanent colour application at your roots.

Covering Greys

Covering greys usually requires at least a 20 vol developer. A 20 vol developer is the standard developer used in salons to achieve permanent grey coverage.

Some people have stubborn greys which resist colouring.

Grey hair often undergoes changes to the structure and texture of the hair. The outer cuticle layer can become thicker and more tightly layered. This makes it more difficult for the colour to be absorbed into the hair. Our 27 vol developer has more lifting power than the 20 vol developer and it will lift the hair cuticle of stubborn greys, ensuring grey coverage over colour-resistant greys.


Colour Perfection is the best approach if you have lighter lengths, and want to retain your highlights or balayage. The roots only application will cover regrowth and greys permanently, and a semi or toner through your lengths will refresh your tone and colour.

Healthier Hair

Your Colour Perfection technique will keep your hair fresh, vibrant and healthy by avoiding over-processing and colouring your lengths only with our gentlest deposit-only formula.

Colour Perfection will keep your greys covered, your colour fresh and your hair fabulous!

I haven’t been able to colour my hair for over 3 years as normal colour irritates my scalp. The Shade doesn’t irritate. I’m so happy, thank you!

Sofie Simioni

After trying this wonderful product, my hair was soft and shiny but also didn’t shed at all. The greys were gone and the tint itself was so natural looking it didn’t even look as if I’m dying my hair. Top this all with brilliant customer service.

Merilyn Opatovsky

The Shade has been a godsend. It covers greys, it’s easy to use and my hair is so healthy. Even my hairdresser wanted to know what brand of colouring I use. I receive so many comments on how shiny my hair is since using this product. A very happy customer.

J. Ahearn

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