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Subtle Cinnamon Tones

If you’re searching for a subtle way to transform your brunette into something a little spicier, cinnamon may be the hue for you.

Cinnamon tones are a beautiful marriage between red and brunette. The look involves incorporating warmer copper and ginger tones into your colour, while maintaining the classic brunette base.

It’s a warm, reddish-brown undertone with golden copper tones which is deep, dimensional and can work for all complexions.

All hair naturally has warm undertones, and adding a hint of warmth to your colour lets you lean into that.

The Colour/s:

Cinnamon tones are subtle and have more depth than the lighter cowgirl copper tones. Subtle cinnamon tones can be achieved by blending a neutral darker permanent brunette colour with a colour with warmer copper tones.

Blend Bellagio 3 Darkest Brown, Como 4 Dark Brown or Sienna 5 Brown with Portofino Copper Golden Brown 5.43 to add half-strength warmer golden copper tones to a brunette base.

Blending a neutral colour with a warm colour will give you half-strength warmer tones only, resulting in a subtle, natural looking finish. Adding neutral tones is also the best approach when you are covering greys, as the neutral tones will fill in pigments missing from greys and leave a consistent, even finish from root to ends.

Another approach is to simply apply a warm toned semi-permanent colour over your brunette base. This is particularly effective if you have highlights, as the lighter pieces will have a brighter finish, adding beautiful dimension to your look.

A semi-permanent colour blends your colour creme with a no-lift 5 vol developer. It will deposit colour and tone only, without lifting or impacting your base colour level.

Maintenance Level:

Low. Regular root touch-ups as needed will keep your regrowth covered. With warmer colours you are not fighting the naturally warm tones which are present in all hair so toning products are not required.

Commitment Level:

Low. Adding warmer tones can be as easy as applying a warm semi-permanent colour over your base colour.

If you have a darker base colour and you are looking to spice up your colour, adding some cinnamon tones can easily revitalise your colour, and give you a fresh new look.

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