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Anatomy of Great Colour

We don’t just want gorgeous, multi-dimensional colour, we want beautiful, healthy hair too!

These days we are looking for colour which is beautiful, brilliant and better for our health, and thanks to the good work of some clever scientists, we can have it!

Out with the old harsh chemicals!

Prevention is better than cure. It is always easier to avoid damage than it is to repair damage. Selecting better quality colour products is essential to support healthier, stronger hair.

Many hair colour brands contain some harsh chemical ingredients such as ammonia, PPD, parabens and phthalates.

Ammonia is used as an industrial cleaner. It will degrade the condition of your hair and has a strong, unpleasant smell. Cancer researchers recommend minimising exposure to PPD. Parabens and phthalates have been associated with negative health impacts.

Today we have a better understanding of these ingredients and their unwanted health effects, which include allergic reactions and adverse effects on our endocrine system (hormones).

Great colour needs to give us fabulous, confidence-boosting colour, and cover every one of those stubborn greys, and it needs to give us naturally healthy-looking condition too.

Healthier, Safer, Gorgeous Colour

Every time you colour you are exposing your hair and the skin on your scalp to the ingredients in the colour formula. There are better performing ingredients available today which are gentle and stable, and which deliver salon quality colour – so look for them and colour with confidence.

In with the new powerhouse botanicals

While you’re processing your colour, why not boost the condition of your hair with an intensive botanical treatment? Our permanent colours are full of Argan oil, Aloe Vera and Ginseng root extract and as a result they deeply moisturise, soothe, nourish your hair and support hair growth. These botanicals leave long-lasting benefits which help support your hairs condition and health.

Coloured hair will need a little bit more TLC. The developing process of colour applications does inevitably lead to a little bit of moisture loss from the hair.

We recommend boosting the hydration and strength of your hair with pure botanical oil treatments. Our favourite treatments are thermal Tsubaki treatments which use a gentle heat application to drive pure Tsubaki oil into the hair follicle, leaving it softer, stronger and shinier.

Tsubaki oil is pure pressed Camellia flower oil, grown on a Japanese volcanic island. It is incredibly high in Oleic acid and other nutrients, and it will deeply hydrate and restore softness and natural shine, while strengthening and repairing damaged hair

Better ingredients will make a positive difference to the health and condition of your hair and health.

Being aware of ingredients and selecting better colour products and treatments will boost your hairs condition and colour results.

The Shade is the best DIY hair colour product I ever used. My hair is fine with some grey hair showing up. Their hair colour last and you be amazed how simple the instructions are. Bonus, their shampoo and conditioner are great products too.

M. Sparks

I started using The Shade 4 years ago after a bad experience with a self-coloring kit from the supermarket. My hair was damaged and I was afraid to use a dye again. After trying this wonderful product, my hair was soft and shiny but also didn’t shed at all. the greys were gone and the tint itself was so natural-looking, it didn’t even look as if I’m dying my hair. Top this all with brilliant customer service, this company just knows how to make winner products that make customers happy.

M. Opatovsky

Great product and perfect colour too. No eye watering chemicals and a really pleasant fragrance. Left my hair soft and shiny. Really thrilled with my order.

M. Housden

This is a great product. Not only is it super easy to mix up and apply it seems to be no drip. The barrier oil means NO colour on my skin. Even my hairdresser doesn’t manage that. And my hair feels and looks so healthy soft and shiny. So many compliments. And all without the need for an appointment. I’m a convert. And so are the friends I’ve recommended it to.

T. Meares

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