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Linen Blonde

There’s always a new name and colour trend to get across, and this season we are hearing a lot about the linen blonde colour trend.

Bringing a refined modern twist to traditional blondes, linen blonde’s beige-neutral tones elegantly meet the rise in interest in more natural looks. Linen blonde tones are inspired by the natural muted tones of linen.

Understated, quietly luxurious and sophisticated, the soft, muted tones seen in linen blondes are the perfect way to update your look for summer.

What is Linen Blonde Hair?

Linen blonde colours are lighter blondes characterised by their cool beige, taupe and neutral undertones. They are cool based, but without the smokey tones of cool ash colours. Linen tones can extend to a dark blonde-light brown base colour too.

Think soft, creamy shades, natural and slightly cooler in tone, that resemble your favorite beige linen outfit. The finish is soft, understated and chic, much like the clothing material.

The Colours:

Colours at the lighter end of the colour spectrum with cool beige secondary tones will deliver a linen blonde finish, including:

Catania 902 Lightest Beige Blonde – With a very light blonde base and cool beige tones, Catania can work as an all-over colour for those with a lighter base colour level (or a high percentage of greys). Catania will also deliver a gorgeous lighter linen blonde finish over highlights.

Capri 8.2 Beige Blonde – A medium blonde base with cool, creamy beige undertones, Capri is a beautiful all-over colour option for those with a naturally lighter base, and a chic finish to highlights over a darker base colour.

Taranto 9.2 Light Beige Blonde – With a light blonde base colour level and creamy cool secondary tones, Taranto will leave linen blonde tones while toning and muting warmth.

You can add creamy beige tones if you have a deeper colour level with Arezzo 7.2 Dark Beige Blonde. With a dark blonde-light brown base colour level, Arezzo will mute warmth and leave a creamy finish. If you naturally have a bit more depth, you can consider an Arezzo root smudge and lighter highlights.

Boost Your Tone:

Keep your linen blonde balanced and beautiful with a linen beige toner. Blending a cool based colour with our 5 vol no lift developer will deposit tone, some colour and shine only.

A toner won’t lift or impact your base colour, but it will add cool tones which will mute warmth and leave a high-shine, tonally balanced finish.

Toners can be used in between permanent colour applications or over highlights to boost tone and enhance shine.

We recommend choosing a toner which is at least one level lighter than the lightest colour in your hair. A toner should keep your lightest colour light and bright, and keep your tone beautifully boosted and balanced.

Try a Taranto 9.2 toner if your highlights or base colour is medium blonde, or Capri 8.2 if your lightest colour is a dark blonde.

If you want to reduce permanent colour processes on your lengths, you can maintain your regrowth with permanent root-smudge colour applications only. This can avoid colour build-up in your lengths (particularly helpful if your hair is porous and over-absorbs colour) and darker, duller colour outcomes in your lengths.

Keep your tone, colour and shine boosted and balanced by applying a toner in your lengths.

Linen Highlights:

Applying a cool based toner over highlights is generally the best approach to achieving balanced highlights. Highlights can become brassy as they have been lightened, and cool tones reduce unwanted warmth.

You can change from classic ash cool tones to creamy cool beige tones to achieve the linen look in your highlights.

If you have a medium blonde base with highlights, Catania 902 Lightest Beige Blonde will deposit light, bright cool creamy tones, balancing your highlights, and leaving a luxe linen finish.

You can apply highlights, babylights (super fine highlights) or foilyage (balayage highlights) using our Highlights Kit. Select a beige based toner option to achieve linen highlights.

Try freshening your look for summer with softer beige foilyage application which lightens just some fine strands in your lengths and ends only. Adding some fine foils in a balayage application is a low maintenance highlights application, as you can have extended periods in between highlights touch-ups.

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