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Volumized Tousled Locks

If you are looking to add a little bit of volume and lift to your hair, just a few simple steps can give your hair a boost of body and movement, with a sprinkle of eternally elegant boho vibes too.

We are talking classic tousled locks, or bed hair, created by boosting volume, and giving your hair just a hint of hold, with a light, breezy finish.

This look is particularly helpful for those with fine, thin hair who are looking for a volume boost. As it avoids heated styling tools, it is also a protective style, which will spare your hair the drying impact of heated tools.

Here’s how to add a whole lot of volume and body to your hair, without damaging it with heat applications:

  1. Use your Silk Curler Set on slightly damp hair. Twist the front sections of your hair around the soft silk roll, secure with the silk hair ties and clips in the silk curler set.
  2. Spritz with your Grooming Spray, which will gently support soft waves and volume and give you some soft hold, without any sticky crunchiness.
  3. Gently release the hair from the silk curler, loosely comb with your fingers. Flip your hair upside down and give it a few more spritzes with the Grooming Spray.
  4. Enjoy your soft, bouncy voluminous waves!

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