27 vol Developer


If you need a little bit more lifting power than a standard 20 vol developer, or you are looking for an easy approach to covering stubborn greys, our 27 vol developer can help you achieve your hair goals.

Our 27 vol developer has the equivalent of a bigger engine than our 20 vol developer. If you are looking for a half to a whole level more lift than a standard developer, 27 vol could be perfect for you.

If your greys are colour resistant, the 27 vol developer has a bit more strength to lift the tightly packed outer cuticle layer of stubborn greys, giving you lasting, complete grey coverage, without requiring any additional processes or products.

27 vol is stronger than a 20 vol developer, and it can achieve greater lift and successful grey coverage and lightening results while maintaining the strength and integrity of the hair.

  • Provide complete grey coverage over colour-resistant greys
  • Lift natural colour by 2-3 levels
  • Enhance lightening processes
  • Leave a permanent colour result
  • Velvety smooth consistency for easy application
  • Meadowfoam seed oil deeply moisturises and reduces frizz
  • Free from ammonia, PPD, sulphates, silicones, mineral oil & parabens
  • 100% vegan & cruelty-free

Follow the instructions in the pack – A standard processing time will give optimal grey coverage over even the most stubborn greys. Extend the processing time by ten minutes to achieve up to 3 levels of lift.

We use 27 vol in our lightening packs to achieve a cleaner, stronger lift.