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Toners to the Rescue

Toners are hard-working miracle-workers which will fine-tune and refine your colour, delivering lustrous, long-lasting tone and shine to your locks.


  • Correct colour and tone, enhance, refine and add dimension to hair colour
  • Create a protective, strengthening barrier around the hair, and
  • Add volume and shine by plumping and sealing the hair cuticle, leaving a natural, healthy finish.

What are toners?

The Shade’s toners blend a cool-based colour cream with our 5 vol developer. Toners won’t change or lift your base colour level, but they will deposit tone and shine, muting unwanted warmth and leaving a high-shine finish.

Why use a toner?

Toners are used to eliminate unwanted tones, and to enhance or refine hair colour, and they can:

  • Balance and neutralise unwanted tones, delivering fabulous, refined colour finishes. Beautiful colour is focused, clear and free of unwanted tones. If your colour goal is a cool ashy blonde or brunette shade, then you need to eliminate golden or brassy tones. Toners neutralise any unwanted tones. Select a cool toner to counter-balance and mute warmth, leaving your colour finish free from warmer tones.
  • Gentle Tone Refresh Our 5 vol developer allows the tone to deposit on the hair cuticle. A toner is gentler than a permanent colour application. Try permanent colour on your roots and regrowth only to cover greys, and a toner on your lengths to balance and unite tone and boost shine in your lengths.
  • Double Process Hair Colour such as highlights, balayage or a bleach wash requires a seperate lightening process followed by a toner to neutralise warmth and balance tones.
  • Colour Correction  Toners can rebalance and correct patchy or brassy colour finishes, leaving a consistent, balanced finish.
  • Greys Toners leave a lighter, shiny, sheer temporary result over greys.
  • Shine Colour looking a little flat or dull? Toners will add glossy softness and shine, leaving your hair more manageable and expensive-looking.

How to Choose Your Toner:

Toners add warmth-busting cool tones that finish your colour beautifully.

Select a cool based toner at the same level as the lightest colour in your hair for optimised colour results. For example, if your naturally black/brown colour is lightened to a level 5 mid-brown, then a cool Trento 5.1 toner is the best option.

An ash light blonde Catania 902 Lightest Beige Blonde toner will mute warmth, eliminating gold or brassy tones, leaving a balanced, shiny finish to your colour.

If you have highlights, select a toner which has the same base colour level as your highlights – our colourists can recommend a toner which works well for you.

You can select your toner from the options on our Toner kit product page.

What’s In Your Toner Kit?

  • Sachet of 5 vol developer
  • Tube of cool-based colour cream
  • Gloves
  • Colour Protection Shampoo
  • Colour Protection Conditioner
  • Barrier Oil
  • Hair Colour Remover Wipe

My hair throws a lot of warm tones and I’m always apprehensive about trying at home colours but the cool dark brown did not disappoint. Very impressed.

Eliza Kokkin

I just want to say a huge thank you for all your help. After the toner last night I have achieved the perfect colour and am now so happy. I have added the toner to my membership so I can do this each time. Thanks again.

A. Graziani

Really happy with the colour and condition of my hair. Right tone for me, no stinky ammonia, great product!

Angel W

I get a cool finish which I love, with a nice, softer tone through it. Just lovely!

Chaya M

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