Root Touch-Ups + Highlights or Balayage

Love your balayage or highlights, but don’t quite love the sneaky greys in your regrowth?

Selecting the right colour and application technique to touch-up your roots while keeping your highlights and balayage is essential to a successful colour result.

Colouring approaches differ depending on whether you want to lighten your roots to blend with lighter lengths, or colour your roots close to your natural colour level.

Root touch-up colour applications:

  1. Maintaining your natural base colour

Balayage or highlights which have preserved your natural base colour are fairly low-maintenance.

If you have a seamless grow-out between your lighter sections and natural roots, and you haven’t got greys, then you can stretch the time between colour applications to several months.

Colour applications to cover new greys while maintaining your natural colour at the roots are simple to achieve. Our colourists can recommend a colour and application technique which will blend seamlessly.

Neutral colours fill missing pigments in greys and are often the best to cover greys.

Application technique:

Apply the colour to your roots only. Use a comb to feather the colour down, stopping an inch above your lighter lengths. Do not apply colour to your lengths.

Lifting and colouring at the roots

If you want to lift your colour at the roots to blend with lighter lengths, please send a pic through and our colourists can recommend a colour which will blend with your lengths.

A cool based colour is usually needed if you are lightening to tone natural warmth which is revealed as the colour lifts.

Application technique:

  •  Follow the root touch-up application, which keeps the colour just on your roots for most of the processing time.
  • Add the colour to your lengths for ten minutes to boost the colour and tone (instructions are in the colour pack).

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