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Root Touch-Ups + Highlights/Balayage

Love your balayage or highlights, but don’t quite love the sneaky greys in your regrowth?

Selecting the right colour and application technique to touch-up your roots while keeping your highlights and balayage is essential to a successful colour result.

If your lengths are lighter with a balayage effect, then you can touch-up your regrowth with a colour which is similar to your natural base colour to colour regrowth, while retaining your lighter lengths.

If your highlights have grown out a bit and you want to touch-up your highlights, we can help you add some highlights just to your regrowth only and boost tone throughout.

Root touch-up colour applications:

  1. Maintaining your natural base colour

One of the things we love a balayage colour application is that they are very low maintenance. They typically preserve your natural base colour are a .

If you have a seamless grow-out between your lighter sections and natural roots without greys, then you can stretch the time between colour applications to several months.

Colour applications to cover new greys while maintaining your natural colour at the roots are simple to achieve using a root smudge technique.

Neutral colours fill missing pigments in greys and are often the best to cover greys. It is best to use either a neutral colour, or a cool based colour if you want a softer colour on your roots. Lightening even just by one colour level always reveals natural warmth, and adding cool tones will leave a tonally balanced finish.

Developer: Use a 20 vol developer to achieve permanent colour results at your roots, or a 27 vol developer if you have stubborn, colour-resistant greys.

Application technique: Apply the colour to your roots only, as a root smudge. Use a comb to feather the colour down, stopping an inch above your lighter lengths. Do not apply colour to your lengths.

Adding Highlights To Your Regrowth Only

If you want to touch-up your highlights, our highlights packs will give you the products, accessories and illustrated instructions to help you add highlights. You can either touch-up your highlights only closer to the roots, or you can also add some additional highlights throughout if you wish in the same application.

Our foil highlights are a two step process, using a lightener and foils to isolate slices and strands of hair to lighten, followed by a toner (or semi-permanent colour ) application.

Products: You will need a Highlights kit to apply highlights. Our Highlights packs include two kits – one to lighten your foils, and one with a toner or semi to finish your highlights.

Application technique:

  •  Follow the root touch-up application instructions, which will add highlights just at your roots.
  • Add additional highlights if you wish, following the full-length highlights instructions.
  • Apply your toner (or semi) full length after washing out your foils, to balance and unite the tone throughout your hair.

Our colourists are available 7 days a week to assist. If you are new to DIY highlights, it is best to consult with them first, to ensure your toner choices are appropriate. They can answer any questions you may have and support you to achieving your colour goals, at home.

Omg!! I absolutely love how this has turned out and am very impressed. The coverage is great. My hair was left soft silky and the shine was amazing.

S. Leach

I love love love The Shade! I love that it’s so conveniently delivered to my door and how good my hair feels after use. Highly recommend, just do it you won’t be disappointed!

L. Cook

After years of using awful packet hair color and my hair feeling like straw for days after The Shade is honestly a God send! Not only convenient that it ships on a regular basis to my door, the smell doesn’t give you a headache and hardly stains the hairline. Having black hair I can say goodbye to wearing headbands and hats a week after dying my hair till the stain wears off! Thank you for this product it truly is amazing!

A. Ford

I love the way that my hair feels after using my colour from The Shade. Very happy that I don’t have to worry about remembering that it’s time to colour my hair. It just turns up in the mail ready to go at the right time!

L. Drain

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