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Espresso Coffee

Espresso colours take their cue from freshly brewed coffee, with deep espresso coffee tones including hints of dark brown and black.

Add dimension with a shot of subtle, smokey latte balayage in your lengths to transform your look and double-down on your caffeine-inspired tones.

The Colours:

Espresso coffee tones are perfect for those naturally darker base colours; espresso can often require just a tweaking to your tone.

Espresso base colours range from Bologna 1 Black to Como 4 Dark Brown, and include cool toned Salento 3.1 Darkest Ash Brown and Toscano 4.1 Dark Ash Brown.

The latest espresso coffee tones are characterised by neutral or cool secondary tones.

Cool tones are the best option if your hair throws warmth and if you prefer to see a sleek, matte finish. Cool tones are warmth-demolishing super-tones, which will counter-balance and mute unwanted warmth.

Neutral tones don’t always lead to neutral outcomes – If you lighten your colour level even just one level lighter than your natural colour, expect to see more warmth if you colour with a neutral colour. Try a cool-toned colour instead, to achieve a tonally balanced outcome. Lightening always reveals natural warmth within the hair. Selecting a cool-toned colour is often the key to achieving the neutral finish you are aiming for, but yet not quite achieving from a slightly lighter neutral colour.

While we are seeing a lot of deeper colours with cool and neutral tones, espresso colours can also include richer warm secondary tones.

If you prefer some warmth in your colour, try adding add a hint of warmth by blending a warm colour with a neutral colour, for softer, half-strength warm tones.

Latte Babylage:

Babylage refers to the softest whisper of ultra fine highlights, woven through the lengths and ends of your hair only, plus with a few lighter strands framing your face.

Just a sprinkle of subtle highlights will soften your silhouette and lighten and brighten your overall finish.

You can use our Highlights Kit to add some babylage through your lengths and around your face. Our Highlights Kits include illustrated step-by-step instructions showing you exactly how you can apply your highlights just to soften and lighten your lengths.

We recommend consulting with our colourists for advice on application techniques and for a suggestion for your toner. Highlights Kits include a lightening kit and a second kit with either a toner or semi-permanent colour, to achieve your preferred finish.

Skip the all-over lightening processes and instead apply a select few super fine highlights in your lengths and around your face with a babylage application. Reducing lightening means naturally healthier, shinier hair, as you minimise the hair exposed to lightening processes. If you want a lighter colour, some softer, subtle highlights can be quite transformative, while sparing your hair an all-over lightening process.

The Condition:

The difference between dull and drab and utterly fab lies in a high-shine finish.

This means nurturing the condition of your hair, and possibly adding a toner to keep your finish brass-free and super shiny.

A toner will deposit cool tones, a hint of colour and shine only, without lightening your base colour level. They are needed over lightened hair, such as highlights to balance tone, and can also be used halfway between permanent colour applications to top up your tone.

All coloured hair needs a little bit of extra help to stay well hydrated and in good condition.

We recommend weekly deep conditioning or oil treatments to restore hydration and to nourish your hair.

Our Repair Mask is made from 99.5% natural ingredients and organic botanicals and will repair damage, restore condition and leave your hair soft, strong and shiny.

Tsubaki oil is 100% pure camellia oil which is very high in oleic acid. It will restore condition and deeply hydrate and strengthen the hair.

Try thermally boosting the absorption and benefits of your treatment by using a thermal cap while you treat your hair.

Beautiful hair colour requires beautiful colour and condition. Enhance your naturally darker colour, and rebuild the condition of your hair for gorgeous, healthy colour and condition.

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