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Why We Love Tsubaki oil

Tsubaki Oil is a pure, lightweight oil which works wonders for your hair (and skin).

It is our preferred oil treatment because it transforms dry, damaged, fragile hair into soft, strong, shiny and luxurious locks.

Tsubaki (Camellia) oil is pressed from the seeds of the beautiful Camellia japonica (Tsubaki) flower, a wildflower that blooms in the winter on the volcanic island of Izu Oshima.

Derived from plants via labour intensive methods that have gone largely unchanged for centuries, pure Tsubaki oil has been responsible for the lustrous health and shine of Geishas hair for centuries.

Tsubaki oil is deeply nourishing and is rich in oleic acid, proteins and glycerides, which are essential to keeping hair healthy, stronger and shinier.

Its deeply restorative properties replenish moisture, smooth the hair cuticles without weighing hair down, restoring softness, strength and shine.

It is particularly beneficial to counter-act any drying effects of hair colouring, and to restore moisture, condition and strength to over-processed hair. Regular use will also prevent breakage and split ends and ease scalp itchiness.

Tsubaki oil is a dry oil which has no scent or stickiness. It is easy to use on your hair, scalp and skin.

Regular Tsubaki Oil Use:

  • Softens, strengthens and moisturises hair
  • Restore hair’s natural sheen and shine
  • Smoothes hair cuticles without weighing hair down
  • Strengthens the hair and helps to prevent breakage and split ends
  • Treats hair damage from lightening, straightening or colouring
  • Intensely nourishes and moisturises the scalp and skin and relieves dandruff

The Science:

Tsubaki oil has high levels of monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA), which enable it to deeply penetrate the hair shaft. Tsubaki oil is 86% Oleic fatty acids (Omega-9), a component of human sebum, which is readily absorbed by the skin and hair and which enhances hair’s strength, softness, shine and ability to retain moisture.

It also contains polyphenol antioxidants, Omega 6 and vitamins A, D, C, & E (Tocopherol) making it excellent for skin and hair conditioning properties.

Using Tsubaki Oil:

All hair textures and types can use Tsubaki oil as a pre-wash and hot oil treatment. It can also be used post-wash or used for styling, depending on your hairs texture and needs.

Pre-wash treatment:

Pre-wash treatments will provide strength and intense hydration:

  1. Apply a 10-20 drops throughout your hair.
  2. Leave the oil in for 30 minutes (or longer).
  3. Clip your hair up when you are in the shower and let the steam from the shower open your cuticles so the oil can penetrate the hair.
  4. Double-shampoo when showering to thoroughly clean your hair. Use your regular quantity of shampoo for the first shampoo application and half as much the second time you shampoo; the first shampoo breaks down the oils and the second shampoo will completely lift them out, leaving your hair feeling amazing.

Hot oil treatment:

Enjoy a luxurious, deeply moisturising and strengthening Tsubaki hot oil treatment:

  1. Apply a 10-20 drops into hair before washing hair.
  2. Cover with a plastic shower cap, and cover with a warm thermal cap for 30 minutes
  3. Double-shampoo and rinse as usual.

The heat added from your thermal cap will gently lift the cuticle of your hair, allowing the oil to be fully absorbed within the hair, dramatically improving the condition of your hair.

Textured hair:

Hair which is thicker, textured or curly is typically thirstier and will respond well to several drops patted through towel dried hair after washing. Applying oil directly will moisturise the hair, leaving a smoother, shinier finish.

  1. Towel dry hair after washing.
  2. Put a 1-2 drops of Tsubaki oil into your palms and spread well.

Pay special attention to hair ends; they tend to be drier and more subject to breakage and damage.

Fine hair:

Use Tsubaki oil primarily as a pre-wash or hot oil treatment. Use just a drop or two on the ends of your hair to seal the cuticles and impart shine for styling.  Avoid applying oil to your roots.

Dry hair or scalp:

Pat a few drops of oil through hair which lacks moisture for a nice natural shine. Massage the scalp with oil on your fingertips to relieve a dry itchy scalp.

Summer and swim care:

Patting some Tsubaki oil through your hair before swimming or sun exposure will form a physical barrier between your hair and drying, damaging elements such as chlorine (or salt) water and protect your hair from the moisture-stripping sun. Swimming is both one of the best exercises you can do, and also a great way to dry your hair. Repeated exposure to sun, salt or chlorine water will weaken and dehydrate your hair, leaving it fragile, dry and brittle. Protect your hair by shielding it from environmental factors with a light application of hydrating and nourishing Tsubaki oil. Wash it out in your post-swim shower and enjoy beautifully soft, hydrated hair.


Use Tsubaki oil as a styling product by patting 2-4 drops through the ends and lengths of damp hair before blow-drying or to reduce frizz and fly-aways.


Apply Tsubaki Oil to a dry location and rub it in lightly. The 100% pure Tsubaki oil provides an intensely nourishing and moisturising effect. Tsubaki oil is one of the most rapidly absorbed plant oils. Regular use will promote skin elasticity, moisturize, hydrate, and improve your complexion.

I love Tsubaki oil for my hair and face. It’s going to replace my La Mer cream.

K. Jones

I loved my hair colour and the quality of the product. I have quite curly hair and the hair oil is fantastic at taming the frizz! Will definitely be ordering again.

L. Von Hagen

The oil has done wonders for my hair!

K. Graf-Cameron

I got the silk noil towel and tsubaki oil which transformed my hair. I have bleached curls which takes a lot of maintenance. These products helped make my hair routine so much easier. Lift my hair extremely soft, shiny and bouncy.

J. Alllan

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