A soft, classic blonde with a cool ash tone, and a hint of gold in the background. San Remo weaves ash and secondary blonde tones to create a full, voluminous, high chine classic finish. The Ashy reflects within this blonde base with neutralize and counteract any red, gold, copper or brass tones in your hair, giving you a true cool, light ash golden blonde colour result.

Tone: Cool undertones are described as Ash and Beige tones, and they give a modern, cool colour effect and neutralize any unwanted reddish, orange, gold or brass tones visible in the hair. This is the shade you want if you do not want to see any red or gold in your hair colour.

Recommended for anyone with:

Uncoloured (natural) hair colour levels: 6, 7, 8, or 10.

Coloured hair colour levels: 8, 9, 10 or lighter (901, 902).


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Long and/or thick hair?

Receive an extra colour tube and developer sachet

Would you like to blend SAN REMO - LIGHT ASH GOLDEN BLONDE with a second colour for a Duo Colour Kit?

We recommend consulting with a colourist here if this is your first Duo order

Please select your 2nd colour

  • Genoa 6 Light Brown
  • Montecristo 6.1 Light Ash Brown
  • Trieste 6.34 Light Golden Copper Brown
  • Paola 6.53 Dark Chestnut Blonde
  • Napoli 7 Dark Blonde
  • 7.1 Bellaria
  • Palermo 7.43 Golden Copper Blonde
  • Lucca 7.53 Chocolate Blonde
  • Sicily 8 Medium Blonde
  • Capri 8.2 Beige Blonde
  • Torino 8.3 Golden Blonde
  • Amalfi 9 Light Blonde
  • Sorrento 9.1 Light Ash Blonde
  • Positano 10 Lightest Blonde

Do you have stubborn or colour-resistant greys?

Try our simple pre-softening salon trick for complete grey coverage on even the toughest, hard to colour greys

Looking to lighten already coloured hair?

Our Bleach Wash Kit has everything you need to lift out darker pigments and lighten your base colour. We recommend cool based colours and no pre-softening when you're colouring after a bleach wash

Read more about bleach washing here or contact our Colourist prior to using.

  • Amanda K

    Fantastic hair dye. It lasts for ages, without fading like previous hair colours I've purchased from the shops or the hairdresser's I love that The Shades hair dye uses natural ingredients so it doesn't damage my hair. I would never go back to any other dye.

  • Irene L

    All going well. No problems. I need to have it posted every 4 weeks if possible please.

  • Pamela P

    Consultants extremely helpful, I will always buy my hair colour from shade now, just perfect in every way, thankyou so much 🙂

  • Natalie C

    I couldn't have asked for better service all around from The Shade. Everything was so easy from making my order to receiving it in the post. I now finally have full coverage of all of my stubborn Gray roots. I am now a very happy Subscriber. 😊

  • Robyn R

    Love their products, their customer service i could easily put on hold for a bit or change my colour selection, totally recommended.

  • Debbie B

    I started using the Shade during a serious illness that affected my hair. I wanted a gentle non chemical colouring system. I found it in the Shade.

  • Meike M

    I love The Shade; it's easy to use and my hair looks and feels great! I only wish I could bulk buy, which would reduce the environmental footprint by having less single-use packaging and less shipping.

  • Kylie R

    Love the colour copper blonde so easy to do

  • Phannee C

    I love the shade it’s come out beautiful but made my hair dry

  • Hilana M

    I love it, people have been asking me what I did to make my hair look shiny and healthy,

  • Rebecca C

    Such beautiful colour, so easy to use, always perfect and shampoo and conditioner smell fabulous

  • haley l

    Love the product, great colors

  • Kylie J

    I love this product for my hair and face. It’s going to replace my Le Mer cream.

  • Isabella A

    Everything you need in one little eco friendly box. First purchase adds a mixing bowl and comb to assist with mixing and then applying this super safe and very effective colour to ones hair. Deliveries always on time and notifications of delivery are welcomed beforehand as a reminder. Very happy with this product.

  • Paige M

    Love the colour, was exactly what I was hoping to achieve, have had a lot of compliments about it 😊

  • Christine A

    I love love love this system and the product is awesome. I specifically was after a hair colour that was cruelty free and looked great; The Shade nailed it! The regular order system sealed the deal for me, no longer do I have to try to remember in advance of looking in the mirror and thinking I need to get my hair done - this is delivered to me on time, every time!

  • Margaret T

    My home colour experience has been great! It is no trouble for me to do it myself and the colour turns out just how I would like it to be - Sienna Brown. I have used "The Shade" now for about 6 years and am thrilled with the results. My (49) daughter also uses the same colour and finds it easy to use. My photo is not my best as I was looking at a Birthday card I was given. I am (74) with wrinkles but my head of hair shows up well. Margaret

  • Laura B

    Colours are beautiful and my hair feels great. The Team are easy to contact with good advice provided. I'm able to change my colour and the frequency of my subscription easily. Been using for over a year now.

  • Lauren G

    Perfect colour and application tools! Love it! My husband applied it and even though we made a mess, it was an easy process and the colour came off my skin with the barrier oil easily!

  • TyAnn S

    Oh my god so lovely it was done and no mess to clean up :) lovely colour too