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Looking For An Easier Colour Which Brightens Your Face? Embrace Warm Tones

We are seeing a resurgence of warmth tones everywhere now. Buttery golden blondes, soft coppers and amaretto brunettes with warmer golden or soft copper tones are on the rise, and we love it!

Warm secondary tones are naturally present in everyone’s hair. Warm tones quickly become visible during lightening. Some people’s hair throws more warmth than others. You may find that it can be difficult to manage warmth even at natural colour level.

Constantly chasing silvery cool tones can take a lot of time and money to maintain. Even then, truly cool tones can be elusive and hard to achieve. Leaning in and embracing some warmth in your colour can refresh your look and be much easier to manage.

Strawberry blondes, multi-dimensional brunettes and golden blondes will flatter a wide range of complexions. Cooler complexions benefit from an energising contrast with richer, warm colours. Think the eye-catching beauty of a pale, cool complexion with rich copper locks. Warmer tones can complement warmer complexions, attracting light and energy to the face.

There’s a warm tone for everyone.

If your complexion is medium or darker, use a root smudge to retain depth at your roots, and add some gold or copper based tones in your lengths. Start with just a hint of gold or copper if you are uncertain about changing tone. If you like the result you can add more warmth with a subsequent colour application.

Here’s some of our favourite warm colour looks:

Switching tones from ash to golden blonde can give you an updated, refreshed, gorgeous on-trend colour.

Consider Torino Golden Blonde, or San Remo Ash Golden Blonde for a colour combination which is predominantly cool, but which will leave a hint of golden tones.

If you are lightening a deeper base, softer golden hues will add a stunning soft glow which is easier to main than cool highlights. Try Imola Dark Golden Blonde to add a semi-permanent or permanent golden glow to a bronde base or highlights.

The softest hint of copper transforms a buttery blonde to an eye-catching, soft strawberry blonde. Our colourists can let you know how you can add just a hint of copper to a golden blonde base, to achieve a deliciously soft and sweet strawberry finish.

If you are looking for deeper and richer tones, blend copper with mahogany tones for a rich mahogany copper colour result.

Our colourists are available 7 days a week and they can provide personalised advice to let you know how to achieve your colour goals.

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