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Regrowth: How to Achieve Continuous Colour Coverage

When the greys inevitably appear, a new set of choices awaits you.

You can lean in and embrace the changes that nature delivers.

Or, if you don’t want to see greys, then your colouring will become time-sensitive, as new greys will be visible in new hair growth.

If you have fast-growing hair then greys will be visible in your new growth, which may be as soon as 2-3 weeks.

A Little Bit of Colour Goes A Long Way

If you want to avoid visible greys in your regrowth, then you need a colouring approach which enables you to cover greys as soon as they are visible.

The best approach for fast-growing greys can be to apply permanent colour only at your roots, using either our 20 vol developer for regular grey coverage, or 27 vol which is formulated specifically to cover stubborn greys.

If you are colouring frequently, such as every 2-3 weeks, adding colour to your lengths with every root touch-up application is not necessary. In fact, adding colour to your lengths every fortnight could lead to colour build-up, with darker and duller results on your lengths. To cover fast-growing new growth, apply permanent colour only where you need it – at your roots only.

Refresh Your Lengths With A Toner or Semi-Permanent

You can refresh the colour in your lengths with either a semi-permanent colour or a toner, blended with our 5 vol developer, which will boost the colour or tone and shine in your lengths, without damaging or building-up the colour in your lengths.

A toner has cool tones to balance and mute unwanted warmth, and will boost shine while counter-balancing unwanted warmth.

A semi-permanent colour application will boost colour and shine in your lengths, leaving you with beautifully refreshed, healthy colour and condition. Select a colour a shade lighter than your roots colour, or with warmer, or cooler tones than your roots colour to leave a beautiful, high-shine multi-dimensional finish.

A membership with The Shade will provide convenience, peace of mind, a discounted price on Colour Kits, 15% off all accessories and hair care products and special members-only offers. Set your shipping schedule so your kit arrives just before you need to re-colour, and enjoy beautiful colour from the comfort and convenience of home.

Reboot your approach to colouring and keep your colour fresh, beautiful and free from any unwanted silver sparklers.

I have been colouring my hair for over 20 years as I went grey early. The biggest issue I had was colouring my grey roots. The Shade colour not only lasts on the grey but keeps its vibrant colour. I have been using The Shade for a year now and won’t go back to any other brand.

A. Fardsavar

Great grey coverage and so gentle on my scalp. Definitely recommended!

Karen Fawcett

The colour is nourishing, covered my greys and everything I needed was packaged thoughtfully. Excellent product and no hesitation in purchasing again.

Dianne Balkizas

5 replies on “Regrowth: How to Achieve Continuous Colour Coverage”

  • If you are wanting to colour every 2-3 weeks, can you mix up a full batch and use only a bit and tore the rest of the combined colour/developer?

    How would you store it?

    Thank you!

    • Hi! Thanks for your question. Colour which has been blended with developer will oxidize and must not be kept and reused. So it is not a good idea to mix, keep and reuse a colour blend and we recommend discarding any unused, mixed colour. If you wanted to apply colour to your roots only, mix half of a colour tube with half a developer sachet. Reseal the colour tube and you can close the developer sachet with sticky-tape. This way you can use one tube and developer sachet for two root touch-up applications. I hope that helps!

  • I love the shade but doing my roots every three weeks and i waste a lot of product – can you please develop half size amounts just for root touch ups?

    • Hi and thanks for getting in touch.
      You can use a single colour tube and developer for two seperate root touch-up applications.

      You can squeeze half a colour tube into the bowl and mix it with half of the developer sachet. Reseal the colour with the lid and fold over the top of the developer sachet and seal it with sticky tape. Select a permanent developer for complete grey/roots coverage.
      So this way you can retain and re-use the remaining product for a subsequent colour application.

      I hope that helps!
      Thank you!

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