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10 Pro Tips For Your Best Blonde Hair Colour

We’ve put together our top ten tips to keep your blonde hair maintenance as simple as possible:


There’s been a lot of R & D in the colour sector resulting in new generation ingredients which can deliver beautiful, salon grade colour without unnecessary harsh chemicals or common allergens.

Key ingredients to avoid are ammonia and PPD. Ammonia can irritate your eyes and nose with its harsh smell and is otherwise used in industrial cleaning products, so lets do better than that. Leading breast cancer researchers advise reducing or avoiding PPD exposure, so lets take their word for it.

The Shade’s salon-grade colour range is free from ammonia, PPD, parabens, phthalates. It’s also blended with Argan oil, Aloe Vera and Ginseng, which protect and nourish the hair and scalp during the colouring process.


Restore strength, hydration, softness and shine with an intensive conditioning treatment such as our favourite thermal Tsubaki oil treatment. This will infuse your hair with the moisture it needs to strengthen your hair, minimize breakage and dullness and repair damage and also leave your hair beautifully soft and shiny.


Natural warmth is revealed during lightening. Stay on top of unwanted warmth by toning between colour applications. Our gentle 5 vol developer will deposit cool tones, muting warmth and leave you with sleek, shiny locks free from brassiness.

Our Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner are enriched with purple pigments to mute unwanted warmth and organic botanicals to boost hydration and hair strength. They will reduce warmth while nourishing and moisturising your hair, and are gentle enough to be used daily.


The sun isn’t always kind to our skin and our colour, and it can cause colour fade. Pop on a hat to extend your colour and protect your hair from sun damage.


A quick cold water rinse after conditioning helps seal the cuticle and preserve your colour.


Chlorine can dry out your locks and alter your colour tone. Avoid over-chlorination by wetting hair with tap water and adding some conditioner before you take a dip.


Avoid the duller, darker colour result that comes from layering new colour over previously coloured hair. Use the tint brush (provided in your Salon Set) to keep the touch-ups strictly to regrowth, and avoid overlapping colour and colour build-up. Follow the application instructions and reduce the colour processing time on your lengths for touch-ups. If your hair is porous, apply permanent colour to your roots only and boost colour and shine in your lengths with our gentle semi-permanent colours or a toners.


Great colour needs healthy hair with great condition to look truly great. Damaged, split ends can leave strands drab, dull, or looking thinner. Get quick, regular trims to snip off the unwanted damaged ends and retain your healthy hair for gorgeous colour finish.


Heat applied directly to your hair can make hair more porous, which can lead to darker, duller colour outcomes and faster colour fade as porous hair over-absorbs colour and can not retain colour well. Reduce your use of heated styling tools, and use a heat protecting product before using heated tools to keep your locks safe from colour degrading hot tools.


The colouring process opens the hair follicle to deposit colour pigments, making your hair a little thicker and also prone to a little more dryness. It is best to stretch out your hair washes with coloured hair and skip a few wash days. This allows your natural oils to counter-act dryness, keeping your hair looking bright, healthy and reducing the colour-fade the can happen with daily washing.

Been using the Shade for about 6 months now. Love this product! The colour – Sorrento/light ash blonde is natural looking and covers my greys and no harmful chemicals! The shampoo and conditioner are great too. Thank you!

W. Grogan

After colouring my hair at home for over twenty years, this is by far the best colour I have come across. Covered my greys exceptionally well, left my hair feeling very healthy & absolutely loved the blonde colour.

J. Day

This was my first time using The Shade which was recommended by a friend. My natural colour is nearly platinum white all over. I know this as I lost all my hair 3 years ago to cancer treatment and it came back white as snow! I was really pleased with my online colour consultation, lovely friendly emails, but went a shade darker than advised , to Dark Ash Blonde . I chose this colour as my hair tends to lighten up quickly. I have long hair and found the the sachets supplied were enough to cover it. The dye has almost no smell, doesn’t sting and the shampoo and conditioner supplied leave your hair feeling great! Very, very pleased with the outcome !


I have been using the Shade haircolour for the past three applications, and I am so thrilled with the product and the results it delivers. Beautiful colours to select from and the finish and result is very natural. I have recently opted to do a half colour between two shades Beige Blonde and Dark Ash Blonde, because I wanted a bit more depth in my colour, this was a suggestion from Camilla and I couldn’t be more satisfied. I can definitely recommend The Shade Haircolour.

Y. Mackay

Skye Doyle

I am so happy with the Catania – lightest beige blonde. The product doesn’t dry my hair out. I just added the extra shampoo and conditioner to my order because they leave my hair feeling soft and it doesn’t go frizzy. There is no comparison. Salon results for home hair colour prices! Love it!

S. Doyle

After years of colouring my hair at the hairdressers I decided to do it myself. It was recommended I mix amalfi & sicily to obtain a neutral shade. The result was fantastic. A more natural medium blonde that toned down my yellow bits and lifted my darker roots. My hair felt fantastic afterwards and it didn’t damage my curls. I will be able to used the left over colour when its due to be re-done and I have subscribed to The Shade. So glad I finally gave home-colouring a go. Just do it guys!

D. Reichelt

Just used for the first time tonight and I absolutely love it 😍 I tried beige blonde and it is an amazing colour for me and covers my greys. Soft shiny hair and super easy 🥰 Thanks… I’m totally converted now 😘


Love this salon colour at home! Really happy with the advice provided and colour matching and results for my medium blonde regrowth. Colour great, greys covered and hair looks shiny too. Having sensitivities to chemicals, including colours in salons, my scalp was fine, no sting, tightness or itches at all. Happy Hair Days, thanks!

M. Sweeney

Dark Blonde – I loved this colour. It was easy to apply and it removed and toned down the brassie gold colour from my hair. Added depth and colour. I had never coloured my hair at home before so I was nervous, but I honestly would say that it gave me a superior colour to the one normally achieved by the hairdressers. It felt smooth and silky too. Happy customer

L. Slattery

I can’t stop recommending your product!! The Shade is incredible, my colour is amazing, pure, clean blonde. No brassy overtones and not a hint of purple. This is a superior product and the results I get are so much better than I was getting at a salon! Congratulations on an amazing product.

R. Waterhouse

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  • My hair is bleached blonde. I have thin foils but looking at a semi to condition and grow my hair out that won’t grow. I had previous breakage and is taking a while to recover. What do you recommend. I like everyone else hate brassy yellow tones. Thanks heaps

    • Hi! We sent you an email – keep an eye out for that and we look forward to helping you with your colouring challenges. Thank you!!

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