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Is Foilyage The Highlights Application For You?

If you are looking for low maintenance colour, then foilyage could be the perfect highlights application for you.

Foilyage will

  • soften your lengths
  • add dimension and volume
  • while also being the lowest-maintenance of the highlight application techniques!

Foilyage adds dimension, volume and interest and gives you a fresh, updated look. Balayage or foilyage will also let you easily touch-up your regrowth while keeping your lighter lengths.

If one of your colouring objectives is to cover greys, then it is best to first establish your base colour. Your base colour should be a colour which works well for you, and which is easy to maintain. Our colourists can help you find a base colour which you can then easily touch-up in future by colouring your roots only to cover any unwanted regrowth or greys.

Foilyage lets you touch-up your roots as often as you need, while maintaining your softer, lighter lengths. Foilyage gives you the most flexibility to grow your hair with or without touching up your roots. Whether you have fast-growing hair with unwanted greys, or you are happy to skip a base colour and leave your roots au naturel while only lightening your lengths, foilyage gives you the flexibility to either grow out your roots or to colour your new growth as needed.

Your lighter lengths will be quite low maintenance too. You can touch-up your foilyage highlights every 3-6 months. Boost the tone in your lighter lengths with a toner once a month to keep them tonally balanced and shiny.

You can use our Highlights Kit and Highlighting Accessories Bundle to weave fine strands in your lengths. Creating highlights or foilyage is a two-step process which involves lightening followed by a toner or semi-permanent colour to give you the look you love. Our Highlights Kit are customised for each client to include a toner or semi-permanent colour to finish their highlights to meet their colour goals.

The foilyage + base colour approach is a great way to easily touch-up your base colour as needed, while maintaining beautiful, multi-dimensional lighter lengths.

Foilyage can be an accessible, manageable way to give a gorgeous, fresh update to your look.

Talk to our colourists today about how you can achieve a foilyage look that you love!

The highlights kit is very professional and the process is the exact same as my hairdresser did in the salon. It is a two step process, so not super quick, but it was pretty easy. The hairdresser took longer and charged a fortune. I love it!

M. Goldberg

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