Fabulous Fiery Copper Blends

Rich, warm red based hair colours can delight, turn heads and energise your complexion.

We hear many requests for copper colours, from distinctive bright blends to softer, subtle shades.

Like the many shades of red seen in leaves in autumn, copper colours include natural looking auburn tones and warm blends with mahogany and chestnut tones.

Finding your perfect red with the right level of depth and tones can be as easy as blending two colours to create your own customised copper colour blend, such as these popular blends:

Bright, Beautiful Double Copper Toner:

Palermo 7.43 Copper Golden Blonde

A gorgeous warm double-copper colour with a bronde base, uniting the warm copper tones of Trieste with Palermo’s rich Copper Golden Blonde tones.

Blend half a Trieste colour tube with half a Palermo colour tube to layer copper on copper and for an extra warm, vibrant colour which has a touch more depth than Palermo alone, and a which is a little lighter and brighter than Trieste.

Mix Together: ½ tube Palermo Copper Golden Blonde 7.43 + ½ tube Trieste Light Golden Copper Brown 6.34

Gorgeous Mahogany Copper:

Replicate the look of this gorgeous mahogany copper colour by blending ¾ tube of Verona Chocolate Brown with ¼ tube Palermo Copper.

Adding rich copper tones to the deeper mahogany tones of Verona adds bright vibrant tones for a truly beautiful colour result.

Mix together: ¾ tube Verona Chocolate Brown 5.53 + ¼ tube Palermo Copper Golden Blonde 7.43

Glowing Strawberry Blonde Tones:

For a softer strawberry blonde colour, blend copper tones with a medium or light blonde.

Half-strength Golden Copper Tones from Palermo add a warm glow to a lighter blonde base.

Mix Together:  Torino Golden Blonde 8.3 or Amalfi Light Blonde 9 + Palermo Copper Golden 7.43; 50:50 for brighter copper tones. Reduce the volume of Palermo and increase Torino or Amalfi for a softer colour result.

Warmth that Works over Greys:

Adding a warm copper colour over greys can result in a lighter and brighter colour result over greys. Greys lack all natural pigments which anchor and fill a colour.

Blending a rich copper colour with a neutral colour will give you a consistent, balanced finish. The neutral tones will fill any missing pigments in your greys, giving you an even colour result.

You can achieve better copper results by blending copper tones with a neutral colour.

If you love rich, warm tones, and you have some greys, we can help with a Duo colour blend.

Our Duo colour packs include everything you need: two different colour tubes, 2 developers, Colour Protection shampoo and conditioner, gloves, hair colour remover wipes and barrier oil.

Duo colour advantages:

  • Blend two colour levels to create a colour which sits between two base colour levels, adding half a level, or more, of depth or softness
  • Add warmth to a neutral colour
  • Blend two warm colours for an intensely warm, rich colour result
  • Add neutral pigments to anchor and fill missing pigments for even, consistent colour results over greys

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