Bronde colours sit right between light brown level 6 and medium blonde level 8. They combine winning elements of both and are one of the most loved and requested colours right now.

Think Anna Wintour, Jessica Alba and J Lo. Covetable, classy, and chic, brondes are everywhere you look in celebrity circles.

Colours with both depth and lightness can be very flattering. Softening darker colours can energise the complexion, particularly as we age. Likewise, softer colours work well with softer make-up, and brondes can suit a more natural, carefree look.

Bronde colours with more depth can eliminate the need for separate lightening processes, making them a healthier colour option. Glossy, shiny, healthy hair looks, feels and performs much, much better than damaged hair. It’s easier to achieve a glossy shine with a bronde than a bleached platinum.

This colour level can work as an easy to maintain, natural looking all-over colour. Highlights and balayage can be added by professionals if you wish (and are more high maintenance).

Bronde Brunettes

If you have naturally darker hair, add cool tones if you are lightening to mute the revealed natural warmth. Consider a Duo colour blend of Montecristo 6.1 Light Ash Brown and Bellaria 7.1 Dark Ash Blonde, for a colour result with both depth and lightness.

Softer Brondes

Spare your hair the stress of repeated bleaching and embrace a bronde with a bit more depth, and a lot better condition and shine.

Adding depth to lighter blondes can add a flattering contrast to paler complexions.

Grey Colour Coverage

Bronde colours can be a great colour option if you are covering a higher percentage of greys. They can work well if your natural colour is darker but you now have a higher percentage of greys.

Neutral colours suit all complexions and are the best option to cover greys because they have an even blend of cool and warm secondary tones and they leave a tonally balanced finish. Grey hair lacks all natural pigments. Neutral colours reintroduce missing pigments and assist with grey coverage and leave a consistent, tonally balanced result over greys. 

Neutrals are the preferred colour option for covering hair which has a high percentage of greys, as it will give an even colour result throughout, avoiding the lighter, brighter colour result which can be seen over greys if you colour with a colour with prominent warm tones.

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