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DIY Money Piece

Money pieces are beautiful, light-catching highlights which are strategically placed to frame your face.

They will draw light to your face, are universally flattering and can be surprisingly easy to achieve and maintain.

Your money piece is essentially just a few highlights placed around the temple and forehead. They will add brightness around the face while accentuating both the hair colour and facial features, creating a beautiful dimensional effect.

Money pieces can be super subtle babylights, which bring some softness and dimension to your colour, or they can be bolder, chunkier highlights which create more dramatic contrast.

Approved by the Queen herself (Beyonce, that is)

Money pieces can blend beautifully with highlights or balayage applications, or they can be your only highlights application.

Bold and bright, sweet and subtle, money pieces can be whatever you want them to be.

Money pieces can help you avoid all-over lightening processes, or more extensive highlights applications, therefore sparing your hair from more extensive lightening.

They also happen to be the quickest, simplest highlights application too and we love how achievable they are!

Muted Money Pieces:

If a bolder money piece isn’t your vibe, a muted money piece could be the right colour application for you.

We love a refined, muted money piece, which subtly blends a softer colour in the front section of the hair.

Muted money pieces blends a money piece application with a balayage effect. The finish is more subtle, utilizing a toner which is around 2 levels lighter than your base colour. The softer contrast between hair color and skin tone lifts and brightens the face, while the grown-out balayage application is very low-maintenance.

Face Contouring Muted Money Piece:

Try a soft balayage style money piece, just a few levels lighter than your base colour. This will leave a softer finish framing your cheek bones and lengths, drawing light to your face and energising your complexion. This colour application involves applying your highlights at a lower level, following the balayage style application method. Simply prepare 3-4 foils on each side of your face and forehead, hand-paint the lightening solution along the lower 2/3’s of the hair and finish with a toner which is just a couple of levels lighter than your base colour.


The softer contrast between hair colour and skin tone lifts and brightens the face. The finish is very flattering for all complexions.

You will need our Highlights Kit to apply your money piece.

Our Highlights Kits include illustrated instructions to apply foils, with application methods for babylights and balayage included. The kits include two packs – one to lighten and one to finish your highlights with a toner.

To apply a money piece application, follow the directions for the placement of the highlights around the face and forehead and then use the application method for your preferred outcome – either balayage or babylights.

Our colourists can recommend a toner for you to use to finish your highlights.


Money pieces use minimal lightening to achieve maximum impact. You will need to use a toner as needed to boost tone in your highlights. You can easily apply an oil treatment just to your money piece and everyone with lightened hair should also do deep conditioning treatments regularly too.

There is a money piece application to suit almost everyone. They are low maintenance, easy to achieve and could be a great way to add a little glow, while avoiding more intensive lightening processes.

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