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Hair Cycling

Hair cycling is a rotational hair care approach that alternates products to improve the efficacy of active ingredients.

Cycling or rotating your hair care products uses the concept of skin cycling – rotating skin care products to maximise results, and applies the same approach to your hair.

Cycling your hair care and conditioning products lets the hair and scalp benefit from treatments with a range of ingredients.

Hair cycling is suitable for hair of all types and conditions, and it is particularly helpful for those whose condition is sub-optimal, and when the hair is lacking shine, strength and softness.

Hair Cycling Difference:

Hair cycling is a relatively simple and easy-to-follow method, which comes as a welcome change in a time when skin or hair care routines can often feel too time consuming and overwhelming. Instead of adding more and more products to your hair care regimen, this gets back to basics, focusing only on a couple of key products.

The key is to ensure that each product which you use delivers real benefits to your hair and is free from nasties which can irritate your scalp and weaken your hair over time. We prefer products made from botanical ingredients, pure and natural with quality ingredients that deliver real benefits to your hair and scalp.

You don’t need a lot of products to hair cycle. We suggest rotating 2-3 high quality treatment or deep conditioning products, which each have different active ingredients. Your shampoo and conditioner should also be quality, natural origin products.

Rotating products will deliver a wide range of ingredients and nutrients to your hair and scalp. The objective is to avoid over-using and over-supplying your hair and scalp with the nutrients and benefits of one specific product.

There can be too much of a good thing, and even the best product, if over-used, can have diminishing benefits.

Hair cycling can reduce the overall number of products that you use, while improving the condition of your hair. The focus should be on using products which are free of nasties and which all contribute ingredients with a diverse range of nutritional properties. Botanically based products are best, as botanical extracts can deliver high quality benefits to the hair and scalp.

Hair Cycling Routine:

There is no standard formula for hair cycling. A good approach would be to use an oil treatment one week, and a deep conditioning mask another week.

Like skin cycling, it’s also important that your hair cycling routine includes rest days, or days that you don’t wash or apply any treatments to your hair. Skipping a wash once a week will let your natural oils hydrate your hair. You can plan your hair styles around your product usage too – Tie your hair up on the days that you skip a wash.

Different hair types and textures do have different needs from their products. Natural oils from the scalp don’t often extend along the full length of curly hair, so curly hair is often naturally drier and will most benefit from more frequent oil treatments.

Overall, the objective is to maximise outcomes and condition of your hair, without buying too many new products. Product quality is critical.

Rotating 2-3 high quality treatments is an excellent approach to maximising the strength and condition of your hair.

Products We Use For Hair Cycling:

We keep it simple, pure and botanical.

We use Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner for our regular cleansing and conditioning. Made from ingredients which are 99.5% of natural origin, including a range of active organic botanicals, these products do not irritate sensitive skin. They will gently clean, strengthen and condition, building softer, stronger hair with each use.

We alternate using Repair Mask and Tsubaki Oil as weekly treatments.

Tsubaki oil is 100% pure oil, pressed from camillia flowers grown on a volcanic Japanese island. It is very high in oleic acid, proteins and glycerides, which are essential to keeping hair healthy, strong and shiny. It repairs and rebuilds hair, by deeply nourishing and hydrating the hair. A lightweight oil, which when used weekly as a hair mask before showering will soften and strengthen your hair.

Repair Mask is made from a nourishing blend of organic botanicals which hydrate the hair, repair damage and restore condition to your hair. It is a gentle cream mask which will add strength, softness and shine, and is suitable for sensitive skin.

Used as alternating treatments these products will repair, rebuild and restore condition, strength and shine to the hair, without irritating your scalp.

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