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Slugging & Treatment Buns

Slugging and treatment buns are our favourite way to soak our hair in a long-lasting, deeply hydrating Tsubaki oil, Repair Mask or Split End Serum treatment.

They basically let you extend the time of your treatments, enabling better absorption and maximising the benefits of your treatments.


Hair slugging involves applying an oil or conditioning treatment to the hair and leaving it to soak in for hours, even overnight.

Extending the treatment time increases absorption and improves the treatment benefits, and leaves hair deeply hydrated, softened and strengthened.

We like to slug our oil treatments while we exercise. Slugging with Tsubaki oil a few hours before a shower creates a convenient window to let our hair soak up and absorb the health-boosting benefits of your oil treatment. Better absorption yields better results. Slugging always leaves our hair hydrated and softened after showering.

If you are considering slugging overnight, you will need to either wrap your hair or place an old towel over your pillow to protect it.

How To Slug:

  • If you are applying hair oil, use more oil on on the mid-section and lengths of the hair, and apply the oil more sparingly at the roots.
  • Massage product through your hair with your fingers
  • Secure hair in a loose ponytail
  • Leave product in for 2-8 hours
  • Double shampoo to wash your treatment out

Treatment Buns:

A treatment bun is an easy style to wear while you are treating your hair with an oil or conditioning treatment.

It’s just your hair, worn in a bun while you are treating it.

Instead of using styling products to secure and hold your hair in your bun, apply a nourishing oil or conditioner to your hair. Twist and tie your hair into a classic slicked back bun.

Your oil or conditioning treatment will keep your hair slick and manageable.

Treatment buns combine hair nourishment with a cute hairstyle which lets you get out and about, while indulging your hair in an extended hydrating treatment.

How To Create A Treatment Bun:

  • Brush your hair from roots to ends
  • Apply your product (follow product instructions)
  • Brush your hair, pull hair into a sleek ponytail, secure with a hair tie
  • Twist ponytail, wrap it into a bun, secure with a hair tie
  • Double shampoo to wash your treatment out


Look for 100% pure oil treatments, or masks with organic botanicals for longer hair treatments.

If you are extending the time of your hair treatment, it is important to use product with high quality ingredients which won’t harm your hair or clog pores in your scalp.

Pure oil or conditioning treatments with botanic and organic ingredients are the best option.

Avoid using protein treatments/masks in the hair for extended periods of time as they can damage the hair.

Our favourite products to use for slugging and treatments buns are:

Tsubaki oil:

Tsubaki oil is 100% pure oil which is rich in oleic acid, proteins and glycerides, which are essential to keeping hair healthy, strong and shiny.

A lightweight, dry oil, it will repair damage, strengthen, hydrate and deeply nourish your hair, leaving it softer, stronger and more resilient.

Repair Mask:

Repair Mask is a lightweight, nutrient-rich, deeply nourishing treatment that moisturizes and strengthens hair while restoring shine to dull, damaged or fragile hair.

A blend of organic botanicals, including quinoa, argan oil, chamomile, jojoba, elderflower, dragon fruit and Tasmanian blue gum leaf which will nourish and condition the hair, and promote healthy, lustrous, shiny hair.

Active botanicals will improve hydration, elasticity and shine, repair damage and leave your hair looking and feeling healthier, stronger and softer.

99.5% ingredients are of natural origin.

Split End Serum:

Split End Serum is a deeply nourishing treatment that helps to seal, smooth and rebuild thin and frayed ends. This lightweight serum fortifies and protects hair from future damage and hydrates and strengthens weaker, fragile ends.

Our Split End Serum is a great treatment to use if you have oilier roots and prefer to apply treatments to your lengths/ends only. Use it while your hair is in a treatment bun for prolonger absorption and enhanced results.

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