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Toners For Brass-Free Brunettes!

It’s not just blondes who battle unwanted brassy copper or red tones in their hair. Brassy tones can be a problem for brunettes too.

If you prefer your darker locks sleek, glossy and perfectly toned, then adding ‘anti-orange’ violet tones with a cool-based ash or beige toner will mute unwanted warmth, and leave a high shine finish.

For those looking for a cool, tonally balanced finish our gentle yet effective toners could be your hairs new BFF. Toners harness the colour-correcting properties of cool violet secondary tones which counterbalance and mute orange and red tones and are the key to brass-free brunettes.

Unwanted Warmth:

Orange, red or warm gold tones can be seen in all colour levels, and are more likely to be seen in hair which has been lightened. Warmer tones are naturally present in all hair and are always revealed during lightening. Some people’s hair just naturally throws more warmth than others, and toners will help keep warmth at bay.

Banish Brassiness:

Toners deposit cool tones and shine only leaving a high-shine, sleek, beautifully toned finish without unwanted warmth. They will refine your colour finish, adding shine and neutralizing orange or red tones.

We have toners for all brunette colour levels, from darkest black-brown to lighter brondes. We recommend selecting a toner which is either the same colour level, or a level lighter than the lightest colour in your hair colour. If you have highlights, choose a colour level close to your lightest highlights, which will refine both the tone of your highlights and also your base colour. You can select from our range of toners here.

Our gentle no-lift, deposit-only 5 vol developer blended with a cool-based ash or beige colour will deposit cool violet based brass-busting tones which will neutralize unwanted warmth.

A toner application is quick and easy, with a short 20 minute processing time. Your new tonally balanced finish will leave a semi-permanent result which will last 6-12 washes.

I used one of your toners for the first time and loved it!


Love, love, love the result of the toner! Super shiny and not a hint of warmth, perfect!

Maia D.

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