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Seasonal Changes + Frizz

Seasonal changes can bring follicular challenges. Whether you’re grappling with excessive frizz or strands that feel like straw, help is at hand with these expert tips.

Frizz occurs when a lack of moisture in hair combines with a rough cuticle, which can be caused by something as innocuous as towel drying your hair.


Frizzy hair can also be seen whenever the moisture content of your environment is more than the moisture content in your hair (even dry hair will have some moisture within it). This can occur due to:

  • high humidity
  • damp, rainy conditions
  • porous/damaged hair

Hair which is porous will over-absorb moisture. Some natural hair types such as very fine or curly hair can be naturally porous. Porosity will also increase if the hair is damaged. Porous hair has a fragile outer cuticle layer, and moisture can rapidly enter the hair, swelling the damaged cuticle, and leading to frizz.

To tame excess wayward strands, use moisturising products that will boost the moisture in your hair and help smooth the cuticle down.

Remedy: If you know the weather is going to be humid or wet, add a few drops of an oil treatment such as Tsubaki oil, or some spritzes of Repair Spray to your hair and style it out with a slicked back bun. This will add moisture and keep your hair in check.

UV Damage:

Prolonged sun exposure can break down your hair’s outer layer of lipids, which act as natural protection from environmental elements. Without this layer, your hair isn’t able to retain moisture, and your hair will become more dry and frizzy.

Remedy: Wear a hat when you are out in the sun and apply weekly oil or deep conditioning treatments to restore moisture and boost condition.

Eliminate split ends:

Dry conditions can also cause follicular havoc. Dry air inside our homes during the winter months, and dry conditions during warmer months can increase split ends. Heated styling tools will also cause split ends to increase.

Regular trims will remove your split ends. If you’re anxious to avoid losing any length, ask for an “invisible trim,” which is almost imperceptible to the naked eye but takes off just enough to maintain the health and shape of your hair.

Remedy: Reducing usage of heated styling tools, will reduce frizz and split ends. Applying Split End Serum will restore hydration and rebuild damaged ends. It will seal and smooth damaged ends and strengthen the hair to protect them from further damage.

Moisture-Boosting Treatments:

Tsubaki oil treatments will rehydrate and rebuild condition. Tsubaki oil is very high in Oleic acid, proteins, glycerides and anti-oxidants. It is a light-weight and rapidly absorbed dry oil. It is deeply nourishing and will restore condition, moisturise and and strengthen your hair.

Repair Mask is made from a blend of organic botanical ingredients which are 99.5% of natural origin. An intensely restorative mask, it will soften, strengthen, deeply hydrate and nourish your hair, leaving it soft and shiny and actively repairing damage.

Applying a thermal heat cap while your oil or deep conditioning treatment will gently lift the outer cuticle of the hair, allowing the active ingredients of your treatment to penetrate within the hair. Without being fully absorbed within the hair, a treatment will have a surface level effect only. Achieve longer-lasting, optimised benefits from your treatments by using them with a reuseable thermal cap.

Repair Spray will moisturise and repair damaged ends. It is a lightweight spray which is perfect for the for use on damp or dry hair, and will work wonders to restore condition, moisture, strength and shine if spritzed through your hair before being styled.

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