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Rejuvenate and Restore in 2024

Hair industry experts are calling condition and hair health the new in-demand hair trends for 2024.

This year we recommend focusing on your hair needs, rather than wants. Rebuild strength and resilience. Hydrate.

This year will see a return to natural, organic hues and less-is-more styling.

We love the current colour trends which emphasise natural colours and hair health. Minimising drastic changes to your hair naturally protects the integrity of your locks.

So let’s be ourselves more in 2024. Lean in to your natural colours and textures. Be kind to your hair, and to yourself.

Natural Colors

2024 sees a collective return to our roots. We are seeing a resurgence in clients embracing their natural colour, or staying close to it. A little subtle, strategic balayage can soften, add dimension and interest, but all-over colours are also having a big on-trend, low-maintenance moment. Tones lean cooler than warmer, with the exception of the stunning warmer copper tones which are still having a moment.

In keeping with the natural colour themes, subtle colour upgrades will feature prominently in 2024. Add a level of depth, soften by a level, tweak your tone to enhance your hair’s natural beauty. Drastic changes not required.

Minimal Styling

Cuts and styles that require less to look their best will dominate in 2024. Maintenance and styling is minimised. Simplified air-dried styles and effortless looks are easy to live with and maintain and support hair health as they avoid strenuous styling and heating processes. Air-drying doesn’t necessarily mean wash and go. Use heat-free techniques to create texture and shapes in the hair without using hot tools. It’s about prioritizing hydration and learning how to style your hair with the least heat possible.

Slugging and Treatment Buns

Strengthen and deeply hydrate your hair by slugging with nourishing oils. Slugging involves a heavy application of a deeply conditioning oil or mask, which is left on for hours or overnight to maximise absorption and benefits. Treatment buns involve slugging and twisting your hair up in a bun, leaving you presentable for public-facing activities, while also hydrating for an entire day.

Both will help you boost condition, build strength, rejuvenate and repair.

Reduce Processes

Doing less is best. Simply reducing the amount of processes (lightening, heating, colouring) you subject your hair to will improve the health of your hair.

Try applying permanent colour to your roots only if you are colouring to cover greys. Boost tone, colour and shine with a gentle semi-permanent or toner application in your lengths only. Less really can be more, and customising your colour application techniques can work for you to give you beautiful, shiny, consistent colour coverage, while minimising processes to protect your hair.

With our Colour Perfection application, you apply permanent colour only to your roots, while boosting colour, tone and shine in your lengths with a toner or semi-permanent colour application. Reducing permanent colour application just to your new growth only will keep your colour consistent, greys covered, while preserving condition by minimising processes on your lengths.

Holistic Hair Health

Consider 2024 the year of healthy hair. Gentler colour, styling and colour application routines, natural-origin treatments will support your hair to look, feel and perform its best.

The focus is on restoring and rejuvenating in 2024.

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