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How To Soften Your Colour (Without A Lightening Process)

Ever wish your colour or tone was just a little bit softer?

Vivid Tones

Bright, beautiful tones in freshly coloured hair are almost always a good thing. However, sometimes warmer colours can be a touch too bright right after colouring.

Colour results are at their brightest straight after colouring. The colouring process activates the colour and deposits pigments within the hair. The colour result you see immediately after colouring is the brightest colour outcome you will see from your colour application. Warm copper tones in particular can look extra bright right after colouring.

Your colour will settle, and some people find that they prefer their colour result after a couple of days or a couple of washes, when the brightness has softened.

A Simple Solution For Subtle Lightening

If your tone is a bit too bright right after colouring, you can soften the tone a bit by washing and double-shampooing your hair.

Washing your hair will remove any residual pigments on the exterior of your hair. Double-shampooing your hair the same day or the day after your colour application will soften the vibrancy of your tone.

If you want to further soften your tone or colour level with a lightening process then you will need to lift some colour from within the hair. Washing with an anti-dandruff or clarifying shampoo will lift some pigments from within your hair, fading and softening colour and tone.

Washing daily with an anti-dandruff or clarifying shampoo for a week will lift half to one level of colour.

Make sure you avoid ‘colour-safe’ anti-dandruff shampoo, which will protect your colour. Look for a regular anti-dandruff or a clarifying shampoo. These products will shift any products in your hair and scalp and fade your colour. This unconventional approach will give you a softer colour and a more muted tone.

The shampoo approach is gentler but less effective than a bleach wash.

If you are washing daily with these shampoo products, you may notice your hair is a little drier.

Thermal Tsubaki oil treatments are our favourite treatment to restore hydration, strength and shine to hair. Weekly treatments will boost moisture and leave your hair soft and glossy.

Significant Lightening

If you want to lighten your natural colour by 2-3 levels, select the option for a 27 vol developer in your colour order. The 27 vol developer has more lifting power than our standard 20 vol developer. It can lift up to three colour levels effectively.

If you have colour in your hair and you want to lighten by 2 or more colour levels, then you will need to do a seperate lightening process such as a bleach wash to achieve a lighter base colour level. A bleach wash can achieve 2-4 levels of lift, and remove older, darker or built-up colour pigments in the hair.

A bleach wash is gentler than a standard lightening process, but there will always be some loss of moisture together with the removal of pigments during a lightening processes. We recommend Thermal Tsubaki oil treatments to hydrate and restore condition to hair before and after lightening.

Love how soft my hair feels and coverage of my greys is great!

Preeya Nyawo

Love, love, love my new hair! The amazing colourist helped me make a selection and assist with the how to. I now have beautiful hair which I am proud of. Thank you!

Amanda Letcher

I love the support from the staff and colourist! My hair has never been so healthy and shiny! Love, love, love!

Riley Aston

2 replies on “How To Soften Your Colour (Without A Lightening Process)”

  • How should you mix two colours to. Get a shade with some demension ash not warm. I like darkest brown with dark ash brown highlights sort of but darkest roots??

    • Hi! Thanks for getting in touch. A blend of darkest brown and dark Ash brown could be a good colour option for you. If you wanted highlights, then it is best to have 2 levels of contrast for highlights. If you contact our colourists directly we can provide more specific advice. Thank you!

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