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Hair Colouring for Men

More than 70% of women colour their hair. We are used to seeing different tones and colours in women’s hair. Hair colouring for men is a little bit different.

Men don’t have the benefit of accumulated colour knowledge which builds up over years of colouring and caring for coloured hair. This knowledge helps fine-tune colour selection choices and outcomes.

Often the first time that men stop to consider their hair colour is when they notice an increasing number of greys. The ‘grab-the-first-supermarket-colour-box-which is-close’ approach does not typically deliver great colour results. As a colourist, I know that there is a lot more to consider, such as base colour level, naturally contributing pigment, and secondary tones.

The two biggest pitfalls for men who colour at home are:

  • Too much warmth in the colour. Golden brown tones can look great on longer hair. On short, predominantly grey hair, golden tones can look lighter and brighter, because the lack of pigment in greys highlights warm secondary tones, which can look orange
  • ‘Lego’ hair. Lego hair can be seen when close-cropped hair has been coloured too dark. Due to skin changes over time, a slightly softer version of your natural colour is often the most flattering.

Here’s the best way for men to achieve great colour results at home:

  • You can achieve natural-looking colour results by keeping your colour goals realistic and close to your natural colour. Complete our colour consultation and focus on picking your correct natural colour level. The aim is to add natural-looking colour to cover greys, not to draw attention to new and interesting tones in your colour.
  • Neutral colours are the best to cover unwanted greys. Grey/white hair has an absence of all pigments, and neutral colours reintroduce an even balance of secondary tones. Warm secondary tones can leave a brighter, redder colour result when they are covering greys as greys lack all pigments and as a result, the warm pigments can look lighter and brigher over greys.
  • If your natural colour is darker, a more flattering, natural looking colour outcome can be achieved by selecting a slightly softer version of your natural colour. A colour one level lighter than your natural colour can look softer and more flattering, while complimenting your complexion.
  • If you have some greys that resist colouring, select our 27 vol developer which is specifically formulated to cover colour resistant greys.

Talk to our colourists today and we can recommend a colour which works well for you.

I couldn’t have asked for better service all around from The Shade. Everything was so easy from making my order to receiving it in the post. I now finally have full coverage of all of my stubborn Gray roots. I am now a very happy Subscriber.

N. Caldwell

The Shade is a very professional company to deal with. From the moment that I placed an order for the trial, I was thoroughly impressed with every aspect of dealing with them: the website design, ease of use, colour selection tools and ordering. The delivery arrived in surprisingly short time. The product is rich and easy to apply, with very clear and straight forward instructions.

Mark James

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