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Proven Results – Hair Colour And Care That Works!

Our products are put through rigorous testing during the research and development stage. We also complete consumer perception testing with product users, and the results are in.

Colour User Proven Results*

98% of users agree that their scalp was not irritated, sore or itchy after use

98% agree that their colour is vibrant, shiny and long-lasting

100% agree that the colour product is free from strong or irritating odour

97% agree that the personalized colour and colour application recommendations were very helpful

* In a 12-week Consumer Perception Study of 125 product users, aged 18-59, with all hair types.

Repair Mask User Proven Results:*

100% of Repair Mask users agree their hair looks healthier after use.

100% agree overall hair health and quality is improved.

99% agree hair feels nourished and stronger after use.

97% agree Repair Mask makes their hair shinier and smoother.

92% of users agree it helps their hair color appear more vibrant.

92% agree Repair Mask helps repair heat, styling or colour/processing damage.

* In a 12-week Consumer Perception Study of 125 product users with all hair types.

Developed specifically for sensitive skin and coloured hair, our products are formulated to perform, without irritating or harming your scalp and hair. Bio-active botanicals hydrate, repair and nourish your hair and scalp. Advanced colour formulas help you achieve your colour goals, without itch or damage.

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