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Why You Should Choose The Shade for your home colouring?

Here’s how The Shade can help you lift your home colouring to new heights:

Avoid unnecessary exposure to chemicals such as PPD, parabens, phthalates and ammonia

The Shade’s permanent colours are free from ammonia, PPD, parabens and phthalates, which makes for healthier hair.

Ammonia has a very strong smell which can irritate the skin, eyes, nose and throat. It opens the hair cuticle during the colouring process, but with repeated use it will dry, weaken and damage your hair.

PPD has been singled out as a chemical to avoid by clinicians who led a 2017 study in London examining links between hair colouring and breast cancer.

Our colours are blended with Argan oil, Ginseng extract and Aloe vera, which are renowned for their deep nourishing effect on the hair and scalp. They support hair growth, hydrate your hair and scalp and prevent hair loss.

Expert colour guidance

Answer some very simple questions and send us a hair selfie and we will follow-up asap with detailed, personalised colourist adice. Our colourists will consider consider your colour, condition and hair goals and recommend a shade which matches your skin, natural undertones and hair colour preferences.

Our colourists will then provide personalised colour selection guidance and colour application suggestions.

Choose your coverage

Whether you are looking to experiment with semi-permanent colour, tone away unwanted warmth, or to cover resistant greys, we can help you achieve your hair goals. We can recommend a colour and a developer which will give you the coverage and results that work for you.

Fabulous colouring results are achieved through precise colour application

Put colour exactly where you need it, when you section and apply colour just like a professional. This is particularly beneficial to avoid the dreaded striped colour effect which is seen when colour is layered on top of colour.

Prevent home colouring disasters

We consider your colour goals and colourings and recommend a colour which works for you.

We’ll help you enjoy a professional home colouring experience, with all the accessories you need to set-up your own home salon. It’s all in the details.

Seriously, the BEST hair dye I’ve EVER purchased in my life !!!! My hair is baby soft and looks shiny and incredible. I LOVE the shade so much I’ve already told my mum, sister and friends to drop what they are doing and buy the shade it’s changed the way l look at hair dye and for someone with extremely fine hair that is falling out I was really worried about using hair dye but WOW I’ll never use any other hair dye ever again …. THANK YOU so much for making such an amazing product !!!

S. Mattick

Definitely better quality than the stuff you buy at the chemist and the accessories help get really good coverage. I’m getting lots of compliments and the colour is just what I’ve been longing for.

M. Hicks

I am really happy with this product – it did not irritate my scalp, my hair is very soft and shiny. I have many compliments on the colour, and it was a treat to use the accessories and to have proper colouring advice. You have won me over!

Valerie H.

I am allergic to hair colour so when I came across Shade it has not got a multitude of nasties. I tested it out and it’s so much kinder to my scalp. My hairdresser is impressed with the colour and how it holds. I’m also very impressed with the customer service. Very happy girl all round, highly recommend.

K. Hinton

I am so so glad I found The Shade! I really don’t like going to the hairdressers to dye my hair, I find it so pricey and it’s quite inconvenient However, I also don’t like using box dye because it can be damaging to the hair, smells bad, and the colours on the package are often not reflective of how your hair is gonna turn out! Enter, The Shade. It was so easy to select my colour (with pics of people actually WEARING it!) plus the entire kit included EVERYTHING I needed: cape, bowl, brush, clips, mat. It was incredible. I dyed my hair, it came out SO SHINY, GORGEOUS, AND SOFT! My hair has never looked better. I am so so glad I found The Shade. Am recommending it to everyone!

B. Thompson

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