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Light, Bright, Beautiful Blonde Highlights

Blonde highlights let you lighten and brighten your overall colour, and are a beautiful addition to almost all base colour levels.

You can achieve fabulous blonde highlights using the classic weave and foil application at home.

Lightening does reveal natural warmth within the hair, so it is usually best to finish highlights with a cool-based toner, such as a lighter ash blonde or beige blonde tone. Four levels of lift will achieve dark blonde highlights on a dark brown base, or light blonde highlights on a light brown base.

We recommend starting with just ten foils around the frontline. This will frame and brighten your face and soften your silhouette. Highlights placed around the face can be incredibly flattering.


Our highlights are applied with foils for better lift, a neater process and a professional finish. Foils are a two-step lightening process: lighten and then deposit pigments to achieve the finish that you want.

Foil applications let you achieve stronger lift and to lighten colour which has pre-existing colour pigments.

We provide a video and illustrated step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process.

The key to achieving successful foil outcomes for beginners at home is to take on just 10-15 foils initially. This keeps the task focused and manageable. You can easily build on them and add more another day. Adding 10-15 foils around the face and crown is a simple and effective process, with a beautiful brightening effect around the face.

If you are adding just a few foils, just mix half of the lightening mixture, followed by half the toner or semi-permanent colour mixture, and you can retain and reuse the remaining product for a second highlights application.

What’s in the Highlights Kit?

Our Highlights Kit includes all the products and accessories you need to achieve professional, salon grade highlights at home including:

  • Lightening kit (inc. bleach powder, 27 vol developer, Colour Protection Shampoo and Conditioner)
  • Toner kit (inc. toner, 5 vol developer, Colour Protection Shampoo and Conditioner)

You will need to add our Highlights Accessories Bundle with your first Highlights Kit purchase. This includes re-useable clips and a pintail comb and a box of professional, embossed, high-grip foils.

Get in touch with our colourists who can recommend a highlight technique and toner which will give you gorgeous, flattering highlights!

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