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Covering Greys? Our Top Tips For Colour Selection Over Greys

Colouring over greys won’t always give you the same colour result as colouring over naturally pigmented hair. Grey colour coverage can require more considered colour selection.

Natural pigments provide a base which anchors any new colour applied over it. Grey hair lacks natural pigments. Some colours can look lighter and brighter over grey regrowth. A simple change to the tone of your colour can help you achieve consistent, beautiful colour results from roots to ends.

It’s also worth considering changes to your complexion over time. A softer version of your natural colour level and tone is almost always flattering, and easy to maintain over greys.

Our Best Colour Selection Advice for Covering Greys:

  • Neutral colours leave an elegant, natural finish and can provide the best grey colour coverage. Neutrals have an even blend of cool and warm secondary tones and they leave an even, consistent, tonally balanced finish over greys.¬†Neutrals work particularly well over greys, as they restore an even balance of missing pigments to greys.
  • Cool colours are best if you do have some naturally pigmented hair, and you want to lighten your colour. You will almost always need a cool based colour to counter-balance the warmth after a lightening process. Cool tones, such as ash or beige, will mute natural warmth revealed during lightening and leave a tonally balanced colour result.
  • Warm tones can look lighter and brighter over grey regrowth, compared to previously coloured lengths. Grey hair lacks natural pigments which anchor colour. Adding warm tones over greys can result in a lighter, brighter finish over regrowth with greys, compared to lengths with previous colour in them.
  • If you like to see warm tones in your hair, a blend with one neutral and one warm colour will give you better colour result over greys. The neutral tones will anchor and fill the greys and provide better grey colour coverage. This blend can give you a consistent colour finish from roots to lengths, without a lighter finish on the roots.

You can achieve even, consistent, beautiful colour results over greys.

A simple tweak to your tone can be surprisingly effective, and can help you achieve a gorgeous, even, consistent colour results over your greys.

Our colourists can recommend a colour which will be flattering and effective, and give you consistently beautiful colour results.

The colour is nourishing, covered my grey and everything I needed was packaged thoughtfully. Excellent product and no hesitation in purchasing again.

Dianne Balkizas

I struggled with hair dye sensitivity for years. After trying literally every product on the market both in-salon and at home I discovered The Shade. No more itchy scalp. Perfect grey coverage and shiny, healthy, vibrant hair. I couldn’t be happier.

Linda Browne

Lovely colours, keeps my hair looking shiny and the grey hidden. By far the best hair colour I have ever used.

Anne Pace

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