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6 Ways to Get the Most out of Your Hair Colour Plan

You’re in total control of your hair colour plan. From finding your perfect shade to auto-shipping on your schedule, we’ve got a no-miss list of ways to make your home hair colour experience exactly what you want it to be, aka, amazing.

Speak Your Mind

We are obsessed with getting your colour just right.

Our range includes semi-permanent colours, toners, highlight kits, Duo colour blends and a range of developers and accessories to help you achieve a wide range of colour finishes.

Your colour options include Duo colour blends – blend two colours to create a colour which is right between two colour levels, or which has half-strength cool or warm tones. Double down on richer warm copper or chestnut tones for brighter warmth. Blending two cool based colours at two different colour levels is a great option if you are lightening, as the cool tones will mute unwanted warmth.

Love the colour in your lengths, but not so much the fast-growing regrowth? We can help you with that – a root smudge is easy to apply and will keep your regrowth covered, and your lengths may just need a toner to balance tone and boost shine.

Tweak It

Want to try a different colour or tone? Think you might need a stronger developer to cover stubborn greys? Are you curious to try a brighter, bolder tone without the commitment of permanent colour?

Our colourists are available 7 days a week to help.

There’s no tweak too small when it comes to depth or tone—just let us know what you would or wouldn’t like to see in your colour and we’ll take it from there.

Manage Your Shipments

You’re in charge of your plan, and that means you get what you want, when you want it. You can suspend or reschedule any shipment right in your account ​under upcoming​ ​order, and cancelling is super easy too. Need a little help? Get in touch and we’ll do all we can get you the colour you want when you want it.

Enjoy The Perks

Member discounts and standard, and we regularly have special offers and discounts for members only. Stay on top of your colour and care and enjoy deep discounts on all our accessories and care bundles.

Don’t Be Shy

Questions, comments, feedback? Trust us, we want to hear it all.

Your colour happiness is our reason for being. If you need to tweak your shade or adjust your shipment schedule, let us know and we’ll make it happen. We are committed to giving you a fantastic experience and colour result!

Colours are beautiful and my hair feels great. The Team are easy to contact with good advice provided. I’m able to change my colour and the frequency of my subscription easily. Been using for over a year now.

L. Bulloch

The quality of colour and products included in my subscription are excellent. It saves me time and money being able to do this at home and I’ve been happy with the colour results every time.

G. Clark

Fabulous product and fabulous service! I am thrilled with The Shade and even my hairdresser approves. The subscription option is super convenient and my duo colour is perfect also it leaves my hair feeling beautifully healthy. Could not be happier with The Shade!

L. Percinsky

I love everything, from easy subscription to packaging to the fabulous colours! Great coverage and no overpowering scent. My latest colour is Mahogany Brown, and it is gorgeous!

C. Smith

I am so happy to have come across this company. I have been using your product now for a few months and love it. The color is vibrant. It’s lasts well and covers greys very well. I will never use box dyes again! The subscription service is great as I don’t have to worry about ordering it but also know I can change it at anytime.

T. Humble

No more scalp irritation! Been using The Shade for a year now and definitely no turning back. I do my re growths every 4-5 weeks to cover my grey hair. Managing subscription is easy. Happy customer here!

R. Rayner

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