Cruelty Free Colour – Our Colour is Free From Animal Testing

We love great hair, and making womens’ lives easier. We are also quite keen on making animals lives easier. The Shade is opposed to animal testing and we support a global ban on animal testing in cosmetics.

All of The Shade’s colour products and our shampoo and conditioner products are made in Italy.

In accordance with European law, our products are never tested on animals.

In the EU there is a total ban on animal testing for cosmetic products and its raw materials, which is reflected in the provision of the  Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009.

This ban affects two aspects of cosmetic products and the use on animal testing in the research and development process:

  • Testing Ban: any animal testing in cosmetic products or cosmetic raw materials cannot be conducted in the EU as of 11thSeptember 2014 – following the ban on testing ingredients and their combinations in force since 11th March 2009
  • Marketing Ban: cosmetics tested in animals, or whose ingredients have been tested on animals, cannot be placed in the EU market as of 11th March 2013 – following a previous almost total ban in force since 11th March 2009

This comprehensive ban has been in place for over five years now. We are very pleased to see that the European Parliament is now discussing a resolution for a global ban on animal testing in cosmetics, which would influence and affect cosmetics manufacturers all around the world. We support their goals and efforts and hope that they can successfully achieve a global ban on animal testing in the cosmetics industry.

At The Shade we completely support a global ban on animal testing. We are grateful for the work of the EU Parliament and Cosmetics Europe for their work and achievements in banning animal testing in cosmetics.

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