Living With Hair While Being Female

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Living With Hair While Being Female

In completely non-surprising news, a Moneysaver HQ investigation has found that hair maintenance for women typically costs between $160-$250 every 6-8 weeks, compared to the average outlay of $30-$80 for men in the same time span.

Yup, nothing we didn’t already know or could not have very easily guessed there.

We love righting some wrongs and we have put together our top tips for keeping your hair utterly gorgeous while not being continually rorted for being a female with hair.

We call it our ‘living with hair while being female’ cheat sheet:

  • Ditch the expensive and unnecessary heated styling tools. They do damage your hair, you know they do. Direct heat is highly damaging to hair. Damaged hair looks and feels average and can give you darker or patchy colour results which can cost $$ to correct. Avoiding damage is far cheaper than using expensive products to add shine or moisture or colour correction in a salon.

  • Buy your shampoo and conditioner in bulk or on sale. Look for products without SLS, sulfates or Phthalates and with botanicals. Try skipping shampoo – it works for some people and is a great time and money saver if your hair responds well to it. Just squeeze and wash your hair in the shower, but without using shampoo. Rinse it well and then apply conditioner as usual.

  • Pick a hair length and style that works for you and maintain that with a budget-friendly trim every 6 weeks. Your hair will feel and look better and your colour results will be more consistent. Shop around and find a salon who will give you a fixed price for your cut without hassling you for an upsell. I pay $29 for a standard trim, no bells and whistles, no blow dry/wash and I am completely, and cheerfully, resistant to upselling. If you want a whole new look, that’s what money is for – spend it at a salon you trust.

  • Fiddle with your shower temperature while showering. Keep it warmer for the sheer relaxation but only while your hair is out of the way. Reduce the heat when your hair is directly under the water. Hot water, like heated styling tools, will damage your hair.

  • Step up your home colouring game with salon colour, tools and advice. Avoid products with ammonia or PPD which can be damaging to either your hair or your health or both. Share your colour struggles, goals and dreams with a colourist, and then take their advice so you can get it right, by yourself, at home. Find a colour and colouring techniques that work just for you, save a bundle and enjoy being a smart, self-sufficient, non-rorted kind of girl with fabulous colour.

  • We love a super natural and super cheap home hair remedy. Give yourself weekly intensive conditioning mask with coconut or olive oil spray. Please do not spend $$$ on products with coconut oil or olive oil in them. Instead, wander down the cooking oil aisle in your local supermarket, and pick yourself up a can of coconut or olive spray oil. We are talking gold coin prices and totally pure. Give your ends and lengths a little spray and leave it in for half an hour or half a day before shampooing out. Grapeseed and avocado oils are also good, but are not available in the oh-so convenient spray can. Pop an old towel on your pillow and sleep with these good oils soaking in for an overnight conditioning boost.


Look after your pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves. Avoid damaging your hair and you avoid expensive treatments for damaged hair. Save up that cash ladies, and pay down that mortgage or top up your super.

Let’s close the superannuation gap asap, while having gorgeous, soft, shiny, healthy hair and colour that you love!


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