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Colourist support and expertise, available 7 days a week!

We don’t just bring you better hair colour with healthier ingredients, we include personalised expert colourist advice too!

Colour selection and home colouring are just so much easier with a professional colourist guiding your home colouring journey.

It only takes 2 minutes to complete our colourist questionnaire!

Let us know your hair history, colour, challenges and goals and one of our colourists will provide personalised colour suggestions which consider your complexion, colour goals, colour challenges, and any corrective colouring needs you may have.

Ever used the same colour repeatedly, with increasingly darker, duller colour outcomes? That’s colour build-up.

Do you prefer a light touch with your products and you are keen to protect your hair while colouring? The Colour Perfection colouring approach could be right for you.

Experiencing the unsettling thought that just winging it might not deliver your best colour results?

Find a colouring option which works beautifully for you, and avoid common home colouring pitfalls with one-on-one colourist guidance. Our colourists can advise colour application techniques, or customised colour blends so you can achieve your colour.

We love solving colouring challenges and finding colour which works, flatters and delights.

Ask a colourist and let us know your hair history and goals.

We’ll follow-up with detailed colouring suggestions which will help you colour with confidence and achieve lovable colour results at home.

I have just started using The Shade and I am really impressed with the product…no smells or sensitivity. Camilla the colourist helped me decide on a colour and it was perfect. Plus the service, backup and supplies sent was awesome. So glad I found you!

M. Martin

I love the support from the staff and colourist! My hair has never been so healthy and shiny! Love love love!

R. Aston

I chose the Mahogany Brown and got some advice emailing with a colourist first, on her recommendation I did a bleach wash before hand to get rid of previous colour buildup and lighten my starting base colour and a couple days later, coloured my hair and I am absolutely thrilled with the way this colour has turned out. My hair is so much softer, shinier, and less tangled than usual after colouring it. I’m 100% sold.

T. McGenniskin

I got so much help from the colourist – she explained how to fix my current colour problems, how to stop getting the same outcomes in future and told me exactly how to colour for the colour results I wanted. My hair drives me nuts, but I am feeling really confident and I really like the new colour selection which is really working for me, and no more colour banding or build-up for me either (now that I actually know what that is)! Thanks!

Elena L.

This service is fantastic. The online colourist consultant have me all the advice I needed for choosing the right shade and extra tips for getting the colouring effect I wanted. The high quality products arrived beautifully packaged. Everything worked perfectly, my hair looks and feels great. This was better than going into a salon. I’ll be keeping my subscription for sure!

T. Deller

Loved the little kit. Super helpful. And I’m in love with the colour. It worked better than going to the hairdresser for the past few years. And what a saving!! Am staying with The Shade. Oh and super helpful colourist that helped me pick the right colour.

J. Bryan

This was fun! Camila the colourist is great – told me what I can and can’t do, which I appreciated! She helped me select a gorgeous colour, and it was just like a salon, but at home – I had the clips adn brush, with my own colouring instructions just for me. No smell or itch, TFG, and really love the shiny, soft colour!

Charlotte P

This has been my best home colouring experience ever!!! The colourist helped with my hair colour problems, explained everything to me and came up with an option I never would have thought of but that worked really well for me. I used all the accessories, like a pro at home and it has all worked out really well – soft, beautiful colour, and know I feel i know what I am doing, which is nice! Thanks!

Josephine V.

Gorgeous colour! I got individual help with my colour choice as my hair is damaged and the colourist helped me with a colour choice which really works for me to correct colour I didn’t like and also she gave me great advice to help with my hair health and condition (which is part of my colour problem). Very happy.

Amaya D

Colourist helped me correct previous colour results from home colouring with another brand that I wasnt happy with. No smell. Very helpful and very nice colour result.

Jenny S

Seriously helpful customer service. I chose a colour which wasnt recommended…and it gave me ‘hot roots’ (I know what they are now!). The colourist explained exactly why, what I should choose, how to avoid that etc, I did what she said and I am very happy with my colour now. Really helpful, gave me so much info/tips, and love the look and feel of my hair! Thanks!

Vicki B

My hair feels very luxurious after using this colour! I’m using less hair products because it just feels better, healthier. Had good advice from the colourist about how to colour my super tough greys, so far that seems to have worked well. I’m very happy with this colour/product and service!

Brigitte V

I am allergic to PPD so I am very happy to have found this product! The service and packaging is very nice. I asked for advice about colours, a colourist gave me some fresh ideas, and now I love my colour result! Thank you! The Shade is a keeper!!

J Bateman

First I wanted to say a big thank you to Camilla for providing such incredible customer service. I had written an email in the evening to change my order and she responded to quite late in the evening more than happy to help. I was blown away and I just wanted to say thanks. My greys were looking not great and I wanted to use a product that would not damage my hair and the was used with quality ingredients. I was a bit scared because it was my first time and I did not want a colour band but everything exceeded my expectations. The colour was beautiful, it looked natural and made my hair feel beautiful. Keep up the great work!!

L. Kontonminas

6 replies on “Ask a Colourist!”

  • My hair is a natural mousy brown.. I have found that it doesn’t matter if I go lighter or darker, my hair will end up with an orange tinge to it. At the moment I am colouring it a light brown and it ends up with a ginger tinge. What colours could I go to avoid this or make this go away???

    • Hi! You definitely need to avoid colours with a warm or even neutral secondary tone and stick to cool based colours. You also may need to add a bit of depth if you want a tonally balanced result. Contact our colourists for a personalised colour recommendation. Thank you!

  • HI. I need help as to find a suitable color that will take in my hair,i am using 6.1 Monte Cristo Light Ash Brown,the colour does not take
    too well,i apply developer as directed.My hairdresser suggested i use a shade darker,could you suggest a suitable shade
    thanks Marie.

    • Hi Marie! If you wanted to go one level darker and keep the same secondary tones then I would suggest Trento 5.1 Ash Brown. I hope that helps!

  • hi I have been using the shade colours for a while now and I think it is a great product.

    I would like to have some variation in my colour, also the colour is becoming little flat. could you give me some advice please.

    • Hi! We would love to help you freshen up your colour. If you could please complete the Colourist questions here then we will get right back to you with some colour suggestions. Thank you and glad to hear that you like the overall product!

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