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Ask our Colourists!

Expertise, included!

We don’t just bring you better hair colour with healthier ingredients, we include personalised expert colourist advice too.

Colour selection and home colouring are just so much easier with a professional colourist guiding you along your home colouring journey.

Let us know your hair history, colour, challenges and goals and one of our colourists will follow-up, giving you personalised colour suggestions which consider your complexion, colour goals, colour challenges, and any corrective colouring needs you may have.

Ever used the same colour repeatedly, with increasingly darker, duller colour outcomes? That’s colour build-up. Prefer your colour without horizontal stripes? Coloured your way into unwanted undertones? Or have you experienced the unsettling revelation that just winging it might not deliver colour results you truly love?

Find a colouring option which works beautifully for you, and avoid common home colouring pitfalls with one-on-one colourist guidance. Our colourists can advise colour application techniques, or simple salon tricks to help you cover even the most resistant greys, and help you get colour results you will love.

We love solving colouring challenges and finding colour which works, flatters and delights.

Let us know your colour story and ask a colourist. We’ll follow-up with detailed colouring suggestions and other handy tips and suggestions which will help you colour with confidence and achieve lovable, salon gorgeous colour results at home.


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